How To Create a Projector Surface

How To Create a Projector Surface

In today’s post we give you a simple step-by-step guide on

How to create a projector surface using Smart Projector Paint

Smart Projector Paint creates a surface that eliminates hot-spots and has unique reflective qualities, perfect for projecting slideshows, presentations and more. It can be tailored specifically to the size of your space and is a more subtle and unobtrusive alternative to traditional projector screens – which are often bulky and expensive. You can apply Smart Projector Paint to various materials such as plaster, wall boards, wood, metal and concrete.

To apply Smart Projector Paint you will need the following tools:

800 – 1200 grit sanding paper (If your wall is flaking or contains loose particles)
Smart White Primer
A paintbrush and/or roller
Masking tape
Cover sheets
Paint tray


1. Prepare

Lay out a cover sheet under the wall you wish to paint. The wall should be clean, dry and free from loose and flaking materials – so use sanding paper if necessary, until you have a smooth and even surface. We recommend that you map out the area you plan to paint using masking tape and/or measuring tape.

2. Prime

Prime any bare or untreated surfaces with a suitable primer such as Smart White Primer until you have an evenly coated white base. You should ensure that your primer is fully dry before continuing to apply Smart Projector Paint

3. Apply

Pour your Smart Projector Paint into your paint tray. Apply two coats of projector paint over your primed or previously coated white surface using a brush and/or roller – it is often easier to fill in edges using a paint-brush rather than a roller as it is generally easier to manoeuvre
Before the paint dries fully, you should remove any masking tape you have used, it is recommended that you do this before the paint dries in order to prevent it from cracking. Be sure to clean your roller, paint brush and paint tray with warm soapy water. If needed, touch up any missed spots of paint

4. Finishing up

Your surface should be touch dry in 1-2 hours and re-coatable in about 4-6 hours.
It’s important to be aware that a tin of Smart Projector Paint covers up to 6.5 s.q.metres/70 s.q. feet (based on 2 coats), and cannot be stretched over an area any larger than this. If you apply projector paint to a space larger than this, it’s properties will be compromised.

Important to note:

In case of contact with skin, you should rinse skin immediately with warm soapy water.
In case of contact with eyes, thoroughly rinse your eyes with clean water and seek medical advice.
You should keep Smart Projector Paint out of reach of children.
Ensure your room is adequately ventilated during application and drying.

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