Smart Self Adhesive Whiteboard Film – Low Sheen

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Reimagine your workspace with our high performing easy installation, Projection Screen Whiteboard Film.

Create a projectable dry erase surface without any hassle and with immediate results. Transform any piece of office furniture such as panels, doors, or any smooth surface into a productive space. Refurbish fading whiteboards or modernize old blackboards, transforming them into writable, projectable surfaces.

  • 5 year product guarantee
  • Commercial grade performance, with no ghosting and no staining
  • Self Adhesive
  • Adds projection and dry erase function to any smooth surface
  • Suitable for commercial use with certified fire resistance
  • Does not require professional installation
  • Self adhesive, just remove backing layer
  • Takes minutes to apply – simple application and video guides available
  • Ready to use immediately
  • Environmental (exceeds all US standards): VOC free, solvent free, PFOA & PFOS free and Isocyanates free
  • Fire Certified – ASTM E84
  • Great for refurbishing old blackboards and whiteboards
  • Prop 65: Complies with California’s Proposition 65
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Benefits of Using Projection Screen Whiteboard Film Self Adhesive

Easy Installation, Immediate Results

Our Projection Screen Whiteboard Film offers hassle-free installation for quick workspace transformation with a projectable dry erase surface with its self adhesive backing.

Workspace Refurbishment & Transformation

Modernize your workspace by optimizing furniture and fittings. Enhance desks, tables, windows, whiteboards, or blackboards to boost productivity and collaboration.

Projectable and Writable Surface

Enjoy the convenience of a writable surface with projection capabilities. Create projectable glass partitions or add utility to office doors.

Compatibility with Various Projectors

Use with standard, interactive, 3D, and 4K projectors. Reduced hot spotting risk ensures optimal projection performance

Stain Resistant, Environmentally Friendly

The film is stain-resistant, odor-free, and contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Safe for application even with people present in the room.

Projection Screen Whiteboard Film - Technical Specifications

Coverage / Dimensions / Weight:

  • 107 sq ft / 4 ft x 26 ft 8″ / 12 lbs
  • 53 sq ft / 4ft x 13 ft 3” / 6 lbs
  • 21 sq ft /4ft x 5 ft 2” / 5.5lbs

Material Thickness – .06”
Product Color: White
Product Finish: Low Sheen Dry Erase
Gloss Measurement: 41 GU at 60 degrees
Gain Value: 1.1 at a viewing angle of 120 degrees
Odor: None
VOC free, solvent free & isocyanates free
Certification: Independent Projection Performance Report – CREST, Independent certification for Fire ASTM E-84
Suitable Surfaces: desks, furniture, glass, partitions, old whiteboards / old blackboards or any smooth non-absorbent surface
Environmental (exceeds all US standards): VOC free, solvent free, PFOA & PFOS free and isocyanates free

Self adhesive Projection Screen Whiteboard Film is manufactured with over a decade of proven whiteboard surface technology.

Unsure about the right product for you? We offer video call support, live chat, phone and email. Avail of free technical advice and suggestions for ideas and product recommendations so you can choose what will work best for you. Unsure about installation? We are here to help and advise you.

Kit Contents

107 sq ft & 53 sq ft

  • 1 x Projection Screen Whiteboard Film
  • 1 x Surface Sticker
  • 1 x Application Guide
  • 1 x Wallpaper Spatula
  • 1 x Pair of gloves
  • 1 x Microfibre Eraser

21 sq ft

  • 1 x Projection Screen Whiteboard Film
  • 1 x Microfibre Eraser Cloth
  • 1 x Application Guide

Whiteboard Paint Reviews

my cincinnati
The paint was extremely easy to apply – and the customer service was accessible and helpful! As a teacher you try to present as many different way as possible to to teach a concept and having the extra large dry erase wall helped us to teach concepts, facilitate games and student bonding and write instructions. We have no problem erasing everything with a multi purpose sponge eraser! It has been a HUGE learning tool for our classroom and we are forever grateful.
us energy development corporation
At any one time I work on 8-10 initiatives and your dry erase paint has enabled me to better visualize what I need to do. It’s useful for brainstorming and process evaluation, so much so that we’ve recently purchased it for our marketing department. It’s a great fit for our company.
wealth financial group west
We love it, and use it on a daily basis. We use it as a teaching example for financial planning. We blew our clients mind the first time she started writing on the wall. Thank you for creating such a great product

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This dual function film combines whiteboard functionality with projection functionality and is suitable for use with most projectors. Some high performance projectors may require a projection specific surface for optimum projection performance our range of projection paints are designed for high performance projection.

Self Adhesive Projection Screen Whiteboard Film can be added to any smooth piece of office furniture. Desks, wall partitions, panels, lockers.

Gain refers to the screen's ability to reflect and amplify the brightness of the projected image. It is a measure of how effectively the screen reflects light back to the viewer's eyes. The gain value represents the ratio of the screen's reflective power compared to a standard reference surface, usually a matte white screen with a gain of 1.0.

The gain value indicates the amount of reflective lumens that the screen can provide. A higher gain value means that more light is reflected back, resulting in a brighter image on the screen. Conversely, a lower gain value means less light is reflected, resulting in a dimmer image.

The gain value of a screen also influences the width of the viewing angle. A screen with a higher gain will have a narrower viewing angle, meaning that viewers must be positioned more directly in front of the screen to experience the maximum brightness. On the other hand, a screen with a lower gain will have a wider viewing angle, allowing viewers to see a brighter image even if they are not directly in front of the screen.

It's important to note that the choice of gain depends on the specific viewing environment and the desired viewing experience. Factors such as ambient light, screen size, projector brightness, and audience seating arrangement all play a role in determining the optimal gain for a given situation.

Gain affects the brightness of the projected image and the quality of viewing angles. It determines how well the screen reflects light and impacts the clarity and width of the viewing angle.

No, a higher gain projector screen doesn't automatically guarantee a better image quality. While it can provide a brighter image from certain angles, it may result in diminished brightness from other perspectives. Higher gain screens typically have a smaller viewing angle.

The standard gain for a projector screen is 1.0, which ensures equal brightness from all sides and visible from multiple angles. However, the ideal gain depends on the viewer's preferences and the specific environment. Consider the pros and cons of high and low gain screens to determine the best fit for your needs.

High gain screens offer clear and visible images in bright settings, enhance visibility in dark conditions, reflect minimal light from walls and ceiling, and are effective in eliminating light from fabric screens resistant to general lighting.

High gain screens have a reduced viewing angle for viewers not in the middle, require viewers to sit directly opposite the screen for optimal brightness, may not be bright enough for larger audiences due to restrictive viewing angles, and are not ideal for outdoor viewing.

Low gain screens provide a more expansive viewing angle for larger audiences, diffuse light evenly across a wider angle for an equal viewing experience, and reduce projector brightness for indoor settings.

Low gain screens are not ideal for outdoor viewing due to reduced brightness, reject some light from the projector, and may not provide ample contrast to view all images clearly.

Our Self Adhesive Projection Screen Whiteboard Film can be applied by professional and non-professional users. Smart White Self Adhesive Whiteboard Films are self-adhesive so can be easily applied to any piece of office furniture.

See the installation video for self adhesive whiteboards

Projection Screen Whiteboard Film are ready to be used immediately after application.

Visit our “How to Use” page of our website to spark your imagination of all the ways you can work better with our products.

Projection Screen Whiteboard Film is self-adhesive so can be easily applied to any piece of office furniture.

No this stick on whiteboard product will not shrink during the application process.

No our Projection Screen Whiteboard Film is self adhesive and do not require additional adhesive.

Gloves should be used when applying Projection Screen Whiteboard Film

Full health & safety guidelines are printed on the label of every Smarter Surfaces™ product. Please read these before application.

As with any whiteboard surface regular cleaning will help maintain your whiteboard surface and maximize its performance.

Use a dry microfibre cloth for general cleaning. Periodically depending on usage use a whiteboard cleaner to remove marker residue which is transparent and can be hard to see but the build of this over time will make it harder to erase so cleaning it occassonal with an everyday whiteboard cleaner will optimize the whiteboard surface.

In the event a permanent marker is used by accident it can easily be removed with permanent marker remover

Smart Self Adhesive Projection Screen Whiteboard Film are available in a number of sizes which can be selected at the add to cart section on the product page.

Smart Self Adhesive Projection Screen Whiteboard Film can be used with any high quality whiteboard accessories.

A range of accessories for self adhesive whiteboard films are available on our online store here.

For Self Adhesive Projection Screen Whiteboard Film the Gloss Measurement is 41 GU at 60 degrees

Projection Screen Whiteboard Film Self Adhesive installation

Our Self-Adhesive Projection Screen Whiteboard Film does not require professional installation. You can apply it quickly and use it immediately, with no odor or mess.

Simply remove the backing layer and press the self adhesive film firmly onto the desired surface. Instantly transforming it, your new surface will be ready to use immediately.

This product is designed for application to smooth surfaces such as glass, old whiteboards, old blackboards, office furniture, glass, metal etc. For walls, plasterboard or uneven surfaces, please view our wallcoverings or whiteboard paints.

You can view our whiteboard film application video to see how you can apply it correctly.

You can request a sample pack if you want to sample our products’ performance first.

Have any questions, or need advice? We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and support. Just get in touch with us.

Application GuideA full application guide to help you apply our Projection Screen Whiteboard Film - Self Adhesive.

Projection Screen Whiteboard Film Self Adhesive installation Video

Watch our step-by-step Video Application Guide

Projection Screen Whiteboard Film Self Adhesive Videos

Watch our step-by-step Video Application Guide

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