Looking For Alternatives To Chalk boards?


Are you looking to update your office or classroom with a writable surface?

Many offices are now abandoning old outdated whiteboards and chalk boards and instead choosing to add functional surfaces to their spaces.

But a white wall isn’t for everyone. You might be interested in keeping the feel of a chalkboard without the size limitation, or are you interested in having the option of a functional surface in any colour you want?

We’ve got options for you. Check them out below.

Alternatives To Chalkboards: Smart Blackboard Paint

Not looking for chalk boards exactly but want something similar ? Try Blackboard Paint.

This product allows you to create a chalkboard area with a black matte finish. It can be applied to any non-porous surface and is a easy way to create calendars, notice boards and  even menus.

Chalkboards don’t have to be in the past, not when it can be the size of your entire wall.

That’s not all though. Why just have a chalkboard wall when you can have a magnetic chalkboard wall?

It can reduce clutter (just stick up all your pieces of paper rather than piling them up on your desk) and is incredibly convenient.

Magnetic blackboard surfaces are easily decorated with colourful pictures, photographs or with messages and reminders written in a variety of colours. All without any size limitations.

No regular chalkboards can do that.

Smarter Surfaces

Alternatives To Chalkboards: Whiteboard Paint (Clear)

Want a modern alternative to chalk boards while still keeping that pop of colour in your office?  

Why not try Whiteboard Paint in a transparent coating?

Create a smooth black wall where your chalkboard used to be, and it won’t release dust into the air. You’ll be using markers instead of chalk which is much more environmentally friendly.

Your surface doesn’t have to be black though. Have a writable surface in any colour you like.

That’s the best part of choosing a transparent whiteboard paint. You can make it exactly as large as you want and whatever colour you choose.

Check out how this office chose to install it below. 


Not only will it look great but your colleagues or students will want to use it. That means everyone will want to be actively involved in your lessons or meetings. What more could you want?

Whatever your choice, there is a writable surface out there for you. Be it chalkboard paint, whiteboard paint or maybe even a functional wallpaper.


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