Tired of Your Projection Screen Hotspotting?

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Do you need to deliver presentations to your colleagues or students as part of your daily work life? It should be easy.

But with the hassle of setting up projection screens and the time it takes out of your day, it often isn’t.

The worst part is once you start your presentation, it can be difficult for everyone to read the screen clearly.

Have you ever wondered why that is? It’s called hotspotting.

Want to learn more on hostpotting and how you can prevent it impacting your presentations, then read below.

What is Hotspotting?

A Hot Spot is a bright spot that appears on your projector screen which can make it difficult for everyone in the room to get a clear view of your projection.

This can often impact your audience’s experience when explaining something visual or trying to get a large room of people to see some examples.

So, how can you fix this?  Well have you thought about trying an alternative to projection screens?

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Alternatives to Projection Screens

But what if we told you hotspotting no longer needed to be a problem?

Swap out your projection screen for Projector Paint and you never need to worry about hotspotting again.

What is Projector Paint? It is a low cost, high performance alternative to projection screens. Best of all, it doesn’t hotspot.

This water-based coating has high opacity to facilitate the projection of bright, sharp images in high definition. It has been designed and tested to provide maximum contrast.

You simply apply the paint directly onto the wall and use it in just 24 hours.

Not only will you be free of hot spotting, but you’ll also no longer need to worry about wasting time setting up your screen.  You’ll be able to simply turn on the projector and be ready to go.

Then, when you finish, your wall will just look like a regular wall again. This means it won’t stand out unless you are using it.  

Why not switch out your projector screen for this high quality alternative today and say goodbye to hotspotting?  

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