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Our Products

Whiteboard Products

Whiteboard Paint & Wallpaper

Transform your walls and workspaces – or any smooth surface – into writable areas of any size and color. Declutter and modernize your office or classroom for improved productivity. Choose from a range of products including whiteboard paint which is available in transparent even matte and antimicrobial whiteboard paint. Our whiteboard wallpaper and magnetic whiteboard projection wallpaper are innovative solutions that are no ghosting.

Magnetic Products

Magnetic Products

Make a magnetic surface of any size with our range of magnetic products and transform your surfaces into magnetic areas for planning, meetings, teamwork exercises or teaching. Choose from our range of magnetic paints and magnetic plaster which can be combined to create magnetic whiteboard paint, our magnetic range of wallpapers offer innovative solutions including magnetic whiteboard wallpaper to create a dynamic new magnetic surfaces which have a positive impact on how surfaces are interacted in work and learning spaces.

Projector Products

Projection Paint & Wallpaper

Make a projection surface of any size with our range of projection screen paints & wallpapers designed to create high performance projection screen surfaces for offices and schools, theatres and much more. Our comprehensive range of projection paints including ambient light rejecting projection paint even outdoor projection paint and a range of projection paints for movies and gaming for office and school our matte projection whiteboard paint and ever popular projection whiteboard wallpaper are amazing tools that combine projection and whiteboard.

Whiteboard Products

Multifunctional Paints and Wallpaper

Choose any of the double or triple functionality products from our multifunctional range and you can transform your surfaces into magnetic, writable and/or projectable spaces. Our multifunction product range includes magnetic whiteboard paint which is also available in matt whiteboard paint which has dual functions of whiteboard and projection. Our multifunctional whiteboard wallpapers range includes options to add magnetic and projection functions in a single product this 3in1 product is very popular in educational spaces.

Whiteboard Paint FAQs

Which whiteboard paint is best?

When choosing the right whiteboard paint consider the surface how you will use the product and if you require additional functions like magnetic or projection and also if health and safety is a consideration. A good surface like a smooth plaster or gypsum wall is best for whiteboard paint. If the surface is poor you will need to prepare the surface first

Is whiteboard paint safe?

Whiteboard paint from Smarter Surfaces
 is 100% safe however beware of copy cat whiteboard paint products that use harmful chemicals like Isocyanates which a very toxic there are many low quality whiteboard paints on the market that contain isocyanates these are only suitable for use by trained professionals in controlled situations.

How to apply whiteboard paint 

Applying whiteboard paint is not very difficult. Step 1 prepare the surface, fill it with decorators filler, sand it smooth and apply minimum two coats of primer. Step 2 Mix the whiteboard, then apply evenly with a smooth lint free roller, check each area as you go to ensure no missed spots. Good preparation is key to creating a good whiteboard paint surface. Here is a helpful  
whiteboard paint application video

What markers work best with whiteboard paint

Provided you use a high quality isocyanate free whiteboard paint most standard whiteboard paint markers will work just fine. Smarter Surfaces recommends not to use low quality whiteboard markers to use mid level or high quality markers for best results. It is also important to maintain your whiteboard paint surface as just like a whiteboard old marker residue will build up so use a  
whiteboard paint cleaner spray
 once a month to remove old marker residue.

How does magnetic whiteboard paint work

Magnetic whiteboard paint
 from Smarter Surfaces is a really popular product that allows you to stick magnets to the whiteboard paint surface. Step 1 is apply the magnetic paint list  
Super Magnetic Paint. Step 2 once the magnetic paint is dry then apply your primer and your whiteboard paint on top. Now you have a wall that is both magnetic and whiteboard you can stick anything you like to the surface with magnets. See our video of  
how to apply magnetic whiteboard paint

What is antimicrobial whiteboard paint

Antimicrobial whiteboard paint
 from Smarter Surfaces is a new whiteboard paint that stops bacteria multiplying on the whiteboard surface it works by using silver ion antimicrobial technology to

1: Interrupts bacteria and fungi cell metabolism

2: Inhibits cellular division

3: Disrupts transport across cell walls

Basically it stops the bacteria from multiplying by stopping the membrane around the cell (like the skin of the cell) from working. Antimicrobial whiteboard paint is a great solution where many people and teams will use the whiteboard paint and creating a safe working surface is a consideration. See our  
antimicrobial whiteboard paint video

Can i use a projector on whiteboard paint

Yes if you plan to use a projector we recommend our  
semi matt whiteboard paint
 which is low gloss whiteboard paint specially designed to act as both a projection surface and a whiteboard surface.

Projection Paint FAQs

What is Projection Paint ?

Projection paint is technical coating developed by Smarter Surfaces with unique paint technology to create a high performance projection screen surface with a paint on technology. These specialist coatings each have specific performance variables designed to optimise the projection surface depending on the ambient, type of projection equipment and surface. For example our  
short thnotrow projection paint
 has been designed to work with short thnotrow projectors and our  
gaming and movies projection paints
 are designed for gaming and movies depending on the level of ambient light the surface will be use.

How does projection paint work ?

The Smarter Surfaces paint on projection paint range works by applying a number of layers of specialist coatings to the surface which creates a screen like surface which is then projected onto. Each painted on projection screen paint product has been independently performance certified by CREST.

How to apply projection paint ?

Step 1 Surface preparation, the surface must be EU level 4 or USA level 5 finish standard which means the surface must be flat and defect free , gypsum or plaster board makes an excellent projection paint surface. Apply one primer coat, fill any defects and sand smooth the surface. Step 2 Apply a second primer coat and inspect for defects. Step 3 If your projection paint has a base coat apply this lightly sanding between coats. Step 4 Apply the first coat of your top coat projection paint with a lint free smooth roller, allow to dry and lightly sand with a fine sandpaper. Step 5 Apply your final coat of your projection paint and wait 24 hours before using.

How to choose the right projection paint ?

When choosing the right projection paint it is import to consider a number of factors
1: What are the ambient light conditions – Will you have high, low or medium ambient light when using the surface
2: How powerful is your projector and distance to the surface
3: What is your preference in terms of contrast and colour of the surface

Once you establish these answers you can view our  
projection paint comparison table
 to select the right product for you and if your still unsure  
contact our projection surface advice team
 who can discuss the options and send you samples.

What is ambient light rejecting projection paint ?

This ambient light rejecting projector screen paint (ALR screen paint) reduces the washout brightening effect of ambient light to improve the image reflected in brighter rooms. It’s a great solution for spaces that have some ambient light and will maximise picture quality it is also particularly suited to large spaces such as auditoriums and galleries.

What is whiteboard projection paint ?

Whiteboard projection paint is a semi matt projection paint which has the dual function of being writable like a whiteboard but can also be projected onto like a projection screen

What is the best projection paint for movies ?

The best projection paint for movies is either 1:  
Smart High Contrast Projection Screen Paint
 this product has a Gain Value of 0.76 and is light grey in colour or 2:  
Ultra High Contrast Projection Screen Paint
 this has a Gain Value of 0.32 and is dark grey in colour

How To Use Magnetic Whiteboard Paint

Use your magnetic and whiteboard paint surface in exactly the same way as you would use a whiteboard or magnetic surface. Write-on wipe-off just like a whiteboard. Magnetic Whiteboard paint comes in a kit format where the magnetic paint is applied then the whiteboard paint. This can be applied over any smooth surface like a wall and its available in our Clear Magnetic Whiteboard Paint meaning you can have a magnetic whiteboard wall in any color.

Any high quality whiteboard accessories and rare earth magnets will work with Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint. Browse our accessories.

Visit our video gallery to spark your imagination and see how other schools and business use our products in creative ways.

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