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5 Tips for More Collaborative Meetings

Do you find it a struggle to get people to participate in your meetings? Do you want to encourage more collaboration from your team members? If so, read on for five tips to have more collaborative meetings! Come in to The Meeting With a Plan One reason your meetings may be ending feeling more like […]


Whiteboard Paint Vs Chalkboard Paint – Choosing the Right One

Deciding to modify your workspace or home space into an innovative working and learning environment is the first step. The second is the decision of whiteboard paint vs chalkboard paint. With such a wide range of products available, it can be difficult to know which will suit you best. Do you go with a modern […]


5 Things You Need in Your Home Theater

Going to the movies is one of those activities that just doesn’t grow old. There’s just something special about sitting in the pitch black, seeing the picture flash across the big screen in front of you, with surround sound transporting you into the scene. While this experience is often reserved for going out to the […]

Top Tips and Tricks for Using Your Whiteboard Wallcovering or Paint

Transforming your workspace into an area of increased productivity and creativity is easier than you think with our innovative products. Read below for some top tips and tricks for using our whiteboard products. Organisation  The addition of a whiteboard surface to your office means less clutter and mess, allowing you to streamline your workspace.  There’s […]

Differences Between Projection Paint And Projector Paint Pro

  Looking to create a projection surface but not sure which product is the right one for you? With so many options available on the market it can be difficult to determine which one will best fit your needs. At first glance most projection screen paints can appear quite similar but are actually much more […]


Top Modern Office Design Trends To Consider In 2020

Office design trends have greatly developed over the last few years. In the past businesses were focusing on simpler things like how to fit desks into offices and weren’t too interested in the aesthetic.  But nowadays business owners realize that since their employees are spending eight hours a day at their desks, they need to […]


Staying Proactive- Keeping Going – Managing Business in Extraordinary Coronavirus Times

The global coronavirus pandemic is unlike anything we’ve experienced in recent times and is likely to leave a world fundamentally different to the one that we knew before. As we enter uncertain times, it is important that businesses unite to minimize the human and economic effects that this deadly disease will have. The long lasting […]


Five Tips for Creating More Productive Classroom Spaces

Students have a lot to gain from productive classroom spaces since such environments make it fulfilling and comfortable to learn, interact, and share. Great teachers and outstanding schools contribute to proper learning, but without productive classroom spaces, it is safe to say that the learning process will be sub-optimal.  Creating productive spaces is multi-faceted since […]


Everything You Need To Know About Dry Erase Paint

Are you looking for a way to increase collaboration in your office or classroom? Keeping employees or students engaged throughout long lessons and meetings can be a daunting task, especially with everyone sitting at their desks or around a table. With dry erase paint you can create surfaces designed to encourage collaboration, engagement and productivity […]

Which Is The Best Projector Paint?

  Most people use projectors in their workspace, classroom or home. Projections are a great visualization tool for meetings and lessons and can help you get your ideas across more clearly. They can even be great fun at home by taking your gaming or movies onto a bigger screen. But why settle for bulky projector […]

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