What Is The Best Magnetic Whiteboard Paint For Your Classroom


With classrooms full of up to 30 students educators are always looking for new and inventive ways to keep their class entertained and engaged in lessons. 

One of the recent innovations that schools have been utilising is by updating their classroom surfaces. Instead of traditional whiteboards, flip charts or magnetic panels, teachers and pupils are now writing and sticking directly onto the surfaces in their classrooms. All with the help of the best magnetic whiteboard paint, Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint. 

In this post we’ll tell you everything you need to know about Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint, including why it is the best magnetic whiteboard paint to add to your classroom surfaces and how you can use it. Keep reading below to find out more. 

What Makes Our Product The Best Magnetic Whiteboard Paint For Your Classroom

Smart Magnetic Dry Erase Paint can transform any space into a magnetic and whiteboard surface. There are no size restrictions, like you find with traditional boards, instead your entire wall can become a functional surface. 

Not only that but Smart Magnetic Dry Erase Paint comes in two color options; white and clear. This means your can have a magnetic whiteboard surface in any color you choose. 

Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint helps you transform your classroom into a modern and clutter free environment and is the perfect tool for lessons.

Want to learn some of the ways you can use a magnetic dry erase surface in your classroom then keep reading. 


Get Everyone Working Together In The Classroom

What could be more daunting for a student than taking the long walk up from the back of the classroom alone to write an answer on your whiteboard?

This doesn’t need to be an issue anymore. With Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint, the best magnetic whiteboard paint, you can transform your entire wall into a writable and magnetic surface.

Instead of one student, have half a dozen up at the wall. They can all work on the problem together. Not only does this put students more at ease, it also helps them develop communication skills and learn to work in a team.

Or create a class noticeboard or project planner. Every month or so, you can select a new group of students to update it either by writing up topics or sticking up important documents with magnets.

Everyone benefits from using the best magnetic whiteboard paint. 

Students will be able to utilize the functionalities to help them stay organised and it also provides them with a level of responsibility.

Learning Can Be Fun Too

Your students want to have fun right? So why not make the learning experience more enjoyable for them with functional surfaces?

Instead of writing in their notebooks your students will be able to work out problems on the walls of the room. They’ll have more space to explore their ideas and also they’ll feel like their breaking the rules.

Enjoying how they learn can really make a difference to how much your students will take away from a lesson.

Why not go for our clear dry erase option? You’ll be able to have a bright coloured wall for your students to work on.

Students can get creative by using the walls for planning, drawing and lots more.

Who wouldn’t want that? Update your classroom today with the best magnetic whiteboard paint. 

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