Ways Whiteboard Walls Are Different To Whiteboards

Man drawing on office whiteboard surface created with smart whiteboard wallpaper during meeting

So you want to make your very own whiteboard surface in your office or learning space, but how do you do it? Do you choose a traditional whiteboard or opt for whiteboard walls instead?

But what makes whiteboard walls different to a traditional whiteboard? Don’t they have the same functionality?

In reality both surfaces are totally different. In fact there are even a number of different products to choose from when creating whiteboard walls.

Keep reading below and check out some of the differences between whiteboards and whiteboard walls and how you can create them. You can find the best product for your meeting room, home office, classroom or any working area. Your whiteboard wall, your way.

Whiteboard Walls Can Be As Large Or As Small As You Want

When it comes to size you could find no two different surfaces than a dry erase wall and regular dry erase boards. Depending on how large your space is you may be considering a large whiteboard surface or a small whiteboard surface and want to find the product that best suits your needs.

Whiteboards are available in select sizes which does mean you can be restricted in how much writing space you can install.

If you wanted to create an even bigger whiteboard surface you would need to cover your wall in multiple whiteboards, which would not look great and would be very expensive.

However this structured size may benefit users who are looking to only add writable functionality to select areas in their office or learning space.

Alternatively you could always opt for whiteboard walls instead.

There are plenty of products to choose from to create whiteboard walls in your space. The two we will be discussing in this post are Whiteboard Paint and Whiteboard Wallpaper. With either of these products, you can transform entire walls into whiteboards.

They are both installed directly onto the surface so you won’t need to worry about chunky framing or taking up additional office space. Your whiteboard walls can be as large or as small as you like.

Whiteboard Walls Are Easy To Create

When creating a writable surface you may also want to know how long each option takes to install. Depending on how much time you can dedicate to the application of your whiteboard surface this may help you determine which product is the best one for you.

Whiteboards have a slower application process, usually requiring a professional installer to mount the board at a straight angle on the wall and firmly attach it. This will often leave your wall with holes and screws were you ever to remove the product.

Maybe you want something applied in a hurry? Then choose Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper and create a complete whiteboard wall. It‘s ready to use as soon as the vinyl over vinyl adhesive or Smart Vinyl Adhesive is dry, (typically 24 hours,) so you can start enjoying all the benefits the very next day.

Wall in office coated in smart whiteboard paint white used in product design

Maintaining A Whiteboard Wall Can Be Easier Than Maintaining A Regular Whiteboard

How does each whiteboard product hold up over time? Do whiteboard walls last as long as a whiteboard does? Well, it can last longer.

To maintain a traditional whiteboard, you will need to avoid leaving marks on the board for longer than 24 hours. You should also regularly clean it with a high quality whiteboard spray such as this one here.

With whiteboard walls things can be easier. Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper creates non-ghosting surface. This means that you won’t have to worry about markers staying on your wall and getting dirty. Once you wipe it away, your whiteboard wall will look good as new.

You Can Have Whiteboard Walls In Any Color You’d Like!

Maybe you want a whiteboard surface in a different color than white, which option should you go for?

Some traditional whiteboards on the market come in a variety of colors, but they are usually more limited in size and aren’t usually targeted towards an office market. This means you could be very limited in usable space.

By using Smart Whiteboard Paint in Transparent, you can paint it over a wall that is the color of your choice – or even on top of a wallpaper. This means you can have whiteboard walls in any color you want.

Take a moment to decide: What do you think? Which option is the right one for you? Consider size of your whiteboard working area, color, and no ghosting before you make your final decision.

If you have any similar questions about our products, book a free video consultation and talk to our experts.