Everything You Need To Know About Dry Erase Paint


Are you looking for a way to increase collaboration in your office or classroom?

Keeping employees or students engaged throughout long lessons and meetings can be a daunting task, especially with everyone sitting at their desks or around a table.

With dry erase paint you can create surfaces designed to encourage collaboration, engagement and productivity in your space. Find out everything you need to know about this product below.

What Is Dry Erase Paint? 

A dry erase paint, like our Smart Whiteboard Paint, is a high quality and commercial grade coating that makes any smooth surface writable. You’ll transform classrooms, offices or meeting room surfaces including walls, doors, desks and cabinets into fully functioning whiteboard areas.

Dry erase paint can create writable surfaces in both white and clear which means you can have a functional surface in any color you choose. Make yours blue, red, green or pink. You can even topcoat wallpapers and digital prints with clear whiteboard paint.


How Will Writable Surfaces Change The Way You Work or Learn?

Creating surfaces for collaboration can really change the way you work or learn.

Why not transform the walls and desks in your meeting room into dry erase surfaces and ban notebooks and laptops? You can get everyone up out of your seats and sharing their ideas and solutions directly onto the wall.

Get everybody actively involved in your meetings and make your classroom a much more collaborative environment. People like to share their ideas, so let everyone get involved.

If you’re a teacher perhaps you want to help keep your students more engaged and focused in your lessons. Trying to keep the attention of 25 to 30 children for hours at a time can be a difficult task. So ditch the whiteboard and bring collaboration to your lessons.

Make your desks dry erase. Rather than simply watching you write on the whiteboard the whole class can get involved. Let them work out puzzles or equations on their desk. They’ll learn, have fun doing it and if they make a mistake it can be easily wiped away.

Then once everyone has the correct answer they can jot down the solution in their notebooks. This will keep them cleaner and make sure they are only recording the correct information.

By choosing to create dry erase surfaces you will be creating unlimited space to work or learn that means you’ll never go back to whiteboards.

Why Should I Choose Smart Whiteboard Paint? 

By choosing a dry erase paint, like Smart Whiteboard Paint, you will be creating a high quality dry erase surface which won’t ghost or stain. This product is also very easy to apply, anyone can do it and we have easy to follow application guides to help.

You can even view an application video of our own product here.

Smart Whiteboard Paint is also very environmentally friendly. You can safely apply it while people are using the space as the product is low VOC, low odor and safe to use. Our dry erase paint is also LEED certified and will even add to your buildings LEED score once applied.

Interested in adding a whiteboard surface to your space then check out our dry erase paint here. Maybe whiteboard wallpaper is more your thing? Then check out our full range of whiteboard products here.

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