Why Hospitals Should Choose Whiteboard Paint

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Are you tired of the old outdated whiteboard in your hospital? Are you looking for an alternative  that will improve the way you work while at the same time reaching high safety standards?

Check out Whiteboard Paint. It’s the ideal product to be installed on any smooth surface. See some of the benefits of installing it in hospitals below.

Whiteboard Paint Is Safe to Use

One of the most important elements in any hospital is safety. This is also true when it comes to your surfaces.

Whiteboard Paint is low VOC and low odour. This means you won’t need to worry about any harmful chemicals getting into the air, which you would with some other paints, and there will be no smell during or after application. Furthermore, you can apply this paint around people.

Dust Free

You also won’t need to worry about any dust either.  This means whiteboard paint is a great and safe option to cover your hospital walls.

Keep Kids Occupied

Why not install it in the waiting room and keep children entertained when waiting with their parents? Your whiteboard wall doesn’t need to be white either.

Make it any colour you want with Whiteboard Paint Clear. These bright coloured walls will be engaging and functional and keep them distracted during waiting times.

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Unlimited Space

You won’t be limited in space either.

With Whiteboard Paint, you can ditch your old whiteboards and create entire whiteboard walls. In most hospitals you’ll find whiteboards with doctors’ names and schedules written up on it.

This can be difficult to fit in when you’re using regular boards. With entire whiteboard walls, you can make the timetable as large as you want.

Even the entire size of your wall.

Your whiteboard wall will be much nicer to look at than regular whiteboards as you won’t have any clunky frames.

Get Information At A Glance

Everyone in a hospital is busy. Doctors and Nurses are always on the move so it is important for everyone to have easy access to an overview of what is going on.

A whiteboard wall can help with that.

You can draw up exactly what doctor is in charge of which patients so nurses will be up to date with all information You can update it per shift too, so that all the information being shared is accurate.

No one will need to stop and examine the board in detail. It will all be totally clear.

There are plenty of reasons why Whiteboard Paint can be a great addition to any hospital. Discover more on Whiteboard Paint here.

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