Optimize Your Workspaces With Magnetic Whiteboard Wall Paint



Tired of the lack of space in your office? Then why not take advantage of the walls in your workspace? 

We have a solution. Transform these walls into writable and magnetic surfaces with magnetic whiteboard wall paint.

With a magnetic whiteboard wall paint, like our Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint, you can transform entire walls into functional surfaces for meetings, project planning and more. 

By adding dry erase and magnetic functionality to your walls you’ll have the opportunity to actively change the way you work. Individually, in groups and in meetings.

Interested in learning more? Then check out some of the ways you could use your magnetic whiteboard wall paint walls. 

Plan Your New Product Launches With Magnetic Whiteboard Wall Paint

Are you developing a new product? Is your business about to launch a new service? Creating a magnetic whiteboard wall with Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint is a great way to successfully plan a product launch.

Not only will you be able to write up each stage of your new products introduction, you’ll also be able to stick up designs, important documents and keep track of what stage your colleagues are at in their own

work.Having a unified wall dedicated to the project will also keep people motivated to complete their tasks and update the wall.

All you have to do to start is add magnetic whiteboard wall paint to your walls.


Keep Everyone Up To Date On Company News

One of the most important things in any company is communication. Having great internal communication is one of the key factors in making a company great.

But with so many employees how do you make sure everyone gets the same message?

One of the ways that you can do it is by dedicating an entire wall in your office to company and employee updates. All you need to do is add some magnetic whiteboard wall paint like our Smart Magnetic Dry Erase Paint to your surface. 

You can design to look any way you want, whatever best fits your team. Everyone will be able to update it with any interesting or important information they want everyone to know.

Why stop there? You can keep track of employee birthdays, work nights out and even employee accolades.

With a magnetic whiteboard wall you can do anything you want. You will no longer be restricted by the size of the whiteboard and will be able to utilize both functionalities.

What more could you want? Transform your office walls with magnetic whiteboard wall paint today. 

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