Turn Your Column Into A Whiteboard

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We’ve shared a number of ways that you can transform your office.

The next one is: writable columns.

How do you transform a regular column in the middle of your office in a writable surface?’ If you were using a regular whiteboard, you’d need to apply it to a flat wall.

This isn’t the case with whiteboard paint.

You can apply Smart Wall Paint – our whiteboard paint – around corners, so you can apply it to any surface in your office,smooth or curved. Or even completely around structures, like columns.

There aren’t any restrictions.

Who Needs A Meeting Room?

Is your meeting room never available?

You won’t need it with whiteboard paint.

With a whiteboard column, you can just gather your whole team around your column and have a meeting there.

There will be plenty of space for people to write down their ideas. No one needs to  be left out.

Stand-up meetings can be quicker and more focused than sit down meetings. That’s just another reason to huddle around a column rather than sit and slump around a desk.

Explore problems and write down agendas. Everyone will be up on their feet and engaged in your meeting.

Then, once you are finished, simply take a photo of the actions your team need to take and wipe it away.

It couldn’t be easier.

How We Use Our Writable Columns

Want some more ideas on how you can use writable columns? No problem.

Check out three ways we use writable columns in our office.

1: Keeping Track of Product Changes

Do you sell a number of products? Do you spend a lot of time on the R&D process?

It’s important to keep track of what changes are taking place. Why not use your writable columns for that?

You won’t need to shuffle through mountains of paper. All the information will be right in front of you.

2: Recording Sales Figures

Want to be able to quote sales figures at the drop of a hat? Simply write them  on your column.

You’ll have plenty of space. Everyone can see the numbers at a glance. They can be updated in seconds and it will save you so much time in future as you won’t need to search for them in your notes.


3: Creating Weekly Marketing and Social Media Plans

Check out this image. Why not make your column a space for planning?

Draw up weekly social media calendars or, why not record all the content being written that month.

There are countless ways to use your space. Just choose whatever is the right option for you and your office.

How to Convert Your Column Into A Whiteboard

With a whiteboard paint, like our Smart Wall Paint, you can transform your column into a whiteboard with just one easy application.

Step 1: Prime your surface.

It’s essential to prime your surface when using Smart Wall Paint in White. This seals the surface so the whiteboard coating stays on the surface and is not absorbed into. This optimises the write-one wipe-off functionality for best performance.

Step 2: Apply your paint.

Now get ready to apply your paint.

Smart Wall Paint comes with a handy, step by step application guide. This means that the application process will be simple and easy.

We also have application videos for a number of our products. Check out the video for Smart Wall Paint White here.

Your whiteboard column will be ready to use in just 7 days.

So now you have created a new huddle and meeting area in a space that might have been previously unused !

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