Teaching With Magnetic Whiteboard Walls

magnetic whiteboard walls

Are you a teacher? Looking to change the way you work?

We have a solution for you. Try adding magnetic whiteboard walls to your classroom.

You may have some questions.

How do you create magnetic whiteboard walls? Well instead of traditional whiteboards or magnetic boards, we suggest installing a combination of  functional products.

Either Magnetic Paint and Whiteboard Paint or why not try layering Whiteboard Wallcovering over Magnetic Plaster.

The choice is yours.

Next, how can you use magnetic whiteboard walls in your classroom? Well, that’s what this whole article is about.

Keep reading below and check out some of our suggestions.

Magnetic Whiteboard Walls Keep Students Engaged

No matter how old your students are, it can be difficult to keep their full attention in lessons.

With everyone seated at their desks, you can struggle to get the engagement you want.

So why have anyone sitting at their desks at all?

By installing Magnetic Whiteboard Walls in your classroom, you can make the surfaces your work on any size you want.

This means rather than a single figure having to write on a whiteboard at once, entire groups of students can  work at the wall.

Stick up problems with the magnetic functionality and then have multiple groups of students around it writing up the answers.

Student Engagement | Smarter Surfaces

Create A Progress Wall

Why not create a wall in your classroom dedicated to your students’ progress?

Stick up each students names with the magnetic functionality and each time they succeed at a task or do well at a test, they can update it.

This will inspire your students to be more engaged in lessons as they’ll all want to update the board.

Having a visual representation of class progress will also help everyone work together to reach their target goal.

You’ll be inspiring individual and group success.

These are just two ways we think magnetic whiteboard walls work well in classrooms. What matters is what you think. How will it best benefit your students?

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