Smart Antimicrobial Whiteboard Paint – What Our New Product Achieves

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Here at Smarter Surfaces, we’ve been working hard on finding a way for everyone to collaborate safely in-person again. Our solution? Smart Antimicrobial Whiteboard Paint. This bacteria-killing whiteboard paint is ideal for use in hospitals, schools, or offices. 

In this post, we will be breaking down the technicalities of our new product to give a better understanding of what it does and how it works.

What Is Smart Antimicrobial Whiteboard Paint?

Smart Antimicrobial Whiteboard Paint is the world’s first certified dry-erase bacteria killer. Our high-performance 99.99% effective coating creates a sterile collaborative whiteboard surface that supports socially distant collaboration by preventing the infection and spread of various bacteria – including MRSA, MSSA, and Salmonella. 

This means the surfaces where our antimicrobial paint is applied can be used one person after another without the worry or fear of spreading bacteria amongst your team.

How Effective Is Smart Antimicrobial Whiteboard Paint?

Our highly effective antimicrobial technology is 99.99% effective against tested bacteria and it is registered for use by the EU Biocidal Products Directive. This high-quality antibacterial whiteboard paint is designed for labor-intensive areas where the health and safety of employees is a core concern. 

Unlike traditional whiteboard surfaces, this product is designed to be a self-maintaining surface that requires little upkeep as a result of the antibacterial agent found in the paint. This high-touch surface will not require the same level of frequent cleaning as other surfaces in your workspace.

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School child thinking while doing mathematics on a Smart Antimicrobial Whiteboard Wall

How Does Smart Antimicrobial Whiteboard Paint Work?

Our Smart Antimicrobial Whiteboard Paint functions exactly as our standard whiteboard paint does but with the extra line of defense. The antibacterial agent found in our product kills microorganisms, stopping their growth and spread. Our antimicrobial paint has a triple action function: 

  1. Interrupts bacteria and fungi cell metabolism
  2. Inhibits cellular division
  3. Disrupts transport across cell walls 

This paint was specifically designed to combat the types of bacteria that would likely be found on a surface that is used as a whiteboard. This will allow you to create a hygienic, writable surface in your workspace, school, or hospital with the peace of mind that you are reducing the epidemiological risk for your team.


Smart Antimicrobial Whiteboard Paint has a 10-year guarantee. Our quality guarantee is backed up by independent certifications for Bacteria, Fire, LEED, M1, and Indoor Air Comfort. Our Smart Antimicrobial Whiteboard Paint has a quality finish that will remain stain-resistant with no risk of ghosting. 

Smarter Surfaces’ antibacterial whiteboard wall paint is an environmentally friendly option with industry beating low VOC levels (less than 12g/l), compared to competitors. We are isocyanate-free in all our coatings. This means it’s safe to apply with people in the room and won’t cause any headaches.  

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The installation process of our new paint is the same as our whiteboard paint and doesn’t need to be professionally installed. You must prep and prime your surface, ensuring it’s smooth, before applying the desired number of coats. Your surface will be touch dry after 5 hours and will be ready for use within 4 days. The erasability of your whiteboard surface will continue to improve over the first 30 days of correct usage and maintenance. 

You can also further upgrade your antimicrobial whiteboard surface by adding a magnetic functionality. It is important to use high-quality markers, magnets, cloth, and cleaners on your surface to ensure optimal performance. We offer a range of accessories on our website.

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