10 Reasons Why You Need A Magnetic Wall in Office

Are you looking to upgrade your office and enhance productivity? The magnetic wall is here to uplift your workspace.

It’s the simplest solution to transform your office walls into a dynamic platform for organization, brainstorming, and vibrant ideas. A large magnetic wall is much more than just a visual upgrade. It helps unlock a whole new level of productivity.

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Let’s explore the top reasons why a magnetic wall is the missing piece to your dream office environment.

Top 10 reasons why your office needs a magnetic wall

  1. Better organization: A well-organized office space not only creates a better work environment but also promotes efficiency. Having magnetic walls close to the employee desks will make it simpler to keep things organized. You can use magnets to display notes, schedules, project timelines, and important documents right on the magnetic wall. This will keep everything visible and easily accessible.
  2. Improved brainstorming: Magnetic dry erase walls are ideal for collaborative brainstorming. Jot down ideas directly on the wall and stick any related documents or notes right on it. Edit and rearrange them on the fly during brainstorming sessions. It’ll make meetings more effective by helping your team to understand the agenda better. They can also get back to it later for reference or clarity.
  3. Enhanced collaboration: Turn your large magnetic wall into a collaborative workspace buzzing with fresh ideas. Teams can work together on projects, share plans, and track progress in real time, fostering a sense of shared purpose. The same wall can be used as a central hub for fun collaboration activities and showcasing team achievements.
  4. Increased productivity: Your team’s productivity is a crucial factor in your brand’s success. Better organization, more effective communication, and a collaborative, encouraging work environment can boost your team’s overall productivity and improve performance.
  5. Promote visual thinking: Do you ever feel stuck when hunting for new ideas? All you might need is a new perspective. Unlike traditional whiteboards, magnetic whiteboards for walls allow you to display images, mind maps, and prototypes alongside text. This promotes visual thinking, helping you come up with more innovative ideas.
  6. Spark creativity: A large magnetic wall with whiteboard functionalities is a simple yet highly effective tool to spark creativity. A visual presentation with colorful texts and magnets creates an engaging layout that boosts creativity. It also ensures that your team has a common platform to jot down any creative idea even when in a hurry and flesh it out later without forgetting important points.
  7. Reduce email clutter: Ever wondered if all team members have checked the latest project updates you emailed? Emails keep us connected, but sifting through several messages throughout the day can eat into valuable work time. Use the magnetic dry erase wall as a central information hub for key metrics, team updates, and upcoming deadlines. This will keep everyone on the same page without email fatigue.
  8. Simplify team management: Managing multiple teams can be a challenge without the right tools. A large magnetic wall can make team management easier. Use the expansive surface to keep track of every team. Note down the processes, deliverables, and deadlines. Update regularly to stay on top of all ongoing projects. Unlike whiteboards, magnetic walls offer endless possibilities. Move magnets around to reflect progress, prioritize tasks, and adapt your workspace to fit your changing needs.
  9. Boost employee engagement: A large magnetic wall creates a dynamic and interactive platform. As employees can use the space to showcase their ideas and achievements, it leads to increased engagement. You can also use the wall to add a touch of personality to your office. Display inspirational quotes, team photos, or even company milestones, creating a more vibrant and enjoyable work environment.
  10. Bring your presentations to life: Modern magnetic office wall solutions give you the freedom of customization. If you want maximum use of your office space, a multifunctional magnetic solution like the Magnetic Projector Screen Whiteboard Wallpaper will perfectly fit the bill. Use it to write sticky notes, and also as a projector screen for bright and sharp images. It’ll help you turn boring meetings into immersive experiences.

Check this video of our customer using a magnetic wall in their office.

Now that you know how a magnetic wall in a workspace can level up your team’s performance, it’s time to choose the right product. But which magnetic wall product is the best one for you? Let’s find out.

How to choose the right magnetic office wall product?

We offer a wide range of modern magnetic office wall solutions covering magnetic paints, magnetic plaster, and magnetic wallpapers so that you have maximum flexibility while picking a product. Choose a product according to your setup and requirements.

Magnetic paints and plaster

Magnetic paint is available in two variations — Magnetic paint and Super magnetic paint. And, there’s also a magnetic plaster for maximum magnetic strength.

Choose the Magnetic Paint if you only need to hold up a maximum of 4, A4 size pages on your magnetic wall. This product has 55% magnetite.

If you want the wall to hold 5 or a little more A4 size pages, go for the Super Magnetic Paint. It has over 60% magnetite and is the strongest magnetic paint product on the market.

Choose Magnetic Plaster if you are looking for a much stronger magnetic strength. This product has 75% magnetite and is ideal for overcoating with other materials like paint or wallpaper.

Magnetic whiteboard paint

If you want a magnetic wall that doubles as a high-quality dry erase board, magnetic whiteboard paint is what you need. It’s available in two variants — White and Clear.

Go for the Magnetic Whiteboard Paint – White, when you want the board to stand out in the room. With 55% magnetite, it can hold up to 4 sheets of A4 paper.

The Magnetic Whiteboard Paint – Clear makes the best choice when you don’t want to interrupt the aesthetics of the room with a whiteboard. This transparent solution doesn’t change the color of the wall after application and has a magnetic capacity same as the white variant.

Magnetic Primer and whiteboard clear combined wall at Smarter Surfaces

Magnetic wallpaper

These wallpapers transform any surface into a multi-functional magnetic board in just 48 hours. There are two variants to choose from.

Choose the Magnetic Whiteboard Wallpaper when you want the wall to hold up to 4, A4 sheets and also work as a no-ghosting whiteboard.

If you’re looking for maximum utilization of your office space, choose the 3-in-1 Magnetic Projector Screen Whiteboard Wallpaper. It holds up to 5, A4 sheets, recreates sharp, clear pictures with any standard projector, and also works as a dry erase whiteboard that’s simple to maintain.

For more details on our magnetic products, check our product page.

The takeaway
A magnetic wall can enhance your workspace. A multi-functional magnetic office wall solution is even better, as it lets you do so much more without taking up any extra space. Choose the right product from our collection and see how your office walls transform into collaborative hubs in a flash.

If you need any assistance to choose the right product for your office, email, call, or chat with our team of experts.