Magnetic Surfaces: Which Product Should You Choose?

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So, you want to add magnetic surfaces in your office or classroom.

That’s great news. A magnetic surface can change the way you work and is really beneficial in any space.

But, with so many magnetic products available, how do you know which one is the best one for you?

It really depends on your needs and what each product has to offer. So, in order to make your choice easier, we have included each of the products that could be of interest to you below.

Keep reading and see which option is the best one to create your magnetic surfaces with.

Create Magnetic Surfaces With Magnetic Paint

What can Magnetic Paint offer you?

With Magnetic Paint you can create magnetic surfaces in any size you choose. This product has 50% magnetite content, with each tin coming with the required 3 coats for your size area.

This means your wall will have a medium magnetic strength. You can of course increase this if you want by adding additional coats of Magnetic Paint. Check out our video here that shows exactly how much you can hold up with Magnetic Paint.

We suggest this product for those who only wish to hold up lighter options on their surface,  such as paper.

Once your magnetic surfaces are prepared, why not topcoat with any paint, digital print or wallpaper of your choice for a great looking surface that also gives you magnetic performance.

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Create Magnetic Surfaces With Magnetic Wallcovering

Magnetic Wallcovering is the latest magnetic product to be introduced to our range.

It’s a magnetic wallpaper that comes on a roll that will provide coverage for an area of 10m2 or 107 sq. ft.

The finish is white as the wallpaper is pre-primed. This eliminates the need for priming, thus saving time and labour.

Everyone will love this product due to its speed of installation, ready to use within 48 hours (as soon as the adhesive dries) and max magnetic performance.

Choose Magnetic Wallcovering if your priority is creating a strong magnetic surface that can be used quickly. This product will also benefit you if you are looking a white finish without having to top coat the product.

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Create Magnetic Surfaces With Magnetic Plaster

Last but not least, check out Magnetic Plaster.

Magnetic Plaster is a two-coat high performance commercial grade plaster that allows you to transform any wall into smooth and high performance magnetic surfaces.

This product has 67% magnetite content. This means it is a very strong magnetic product. Users can hold up a lot of weight.

Your Magnetic Plaster will come premixed and is applied just like any standard plaster. This means that when you follow our step by step application guide, you’ll finish with perfectly smooth magnetic surfaces.

As Magnetic Plaster has a dark grey finish, you can top coat with a colour of your choice or even add a product from our dry erase range such as Whiteboard Paint or Dry Erase Wallcovering.

Magnetic Plaster is the perfect choice for someone looking to hold up a lot of weight on their magnetic surface.

Now you’ve read through the product options, it’s time for you to make your choice. Paint, wallcovering or plaster. Choose the right product for you today!

Have you any questions regarding our products? Call us on the relevant number below:

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