Check Out Some Interesting Customers

Check Out Some Interesting Customers

Like most businesses, we share the names of some customers to help others buy from us. This thinking comes from the school of advertising which suggests that “if X customer buys from you, then I should be able to trust you too”.

So for that reason, when you look at our websites and marketing material, you will see big brand names that should be recognisable to the general public.

However we have lots and lots of interesting customers as well as the blue chip brand names and we thought you might enjoy this.

Heading out on the Town ?

A well known company who manufacture teeth cleaning, hair removal and hair spray products (If you don’t need any of those,  lucky you!).

In the mood for sport ?

You could sign up for F1 Simulation in Australia with Simulator World or just cut to the chase and quality for the real thing with Formula One.

Or maybe try Crossfit if cars are not your thing ?

Exercise the Mind Instead ?  

Check out these universities : EdinburghMelbourneManchesterLondon, Glasgow

Shopping Instead of Sport ?

Then consider Ikea 

Weekend away ?

What about Holiday Inn Express or Innside by Melia

Millenium dry erase surface open plan blog space

Culture Customers 

If it wasn’t so far way, we could visit this Opal Mine and Museum in Australia. Or check out Britain’s most famous sculptor (who also won a prize of £1m last year for his work for the Jewish community)..

Need Money ?

At the airport

Transfer money.


Too Much Money ?

These people will help you invest it. This customer will keep it safe for you. And these people provide the digital infrastructure for the insurance industry.

Nice Cup of Tea


Whatever you do this weekend, you don’t want these people looking for you.

There are of course also lots of lawyers, heating company, digital marketing agencies, IT service providers, city councils, research institutes to add to the above.

Finally, if none of the above interests you, there is always the telly.

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