Go Magnetic To Manage Your Projects Better

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Want to do more with your office walls?  

Do you have creative ideas for how you can use them?

You can make these a reality with Smart Magnetic Paint and Plaster. Here are some ways they can help you.

Better Ways To Work

If you use your office walls for communication, setting deadlines and organising events, then Smart Magnetic Paint will definitely help you work better.

Different parts of your work space can have a purpose. One area could be used as a customer wall, where logos from new customers or partners can be put up. Now everybody can see what high-end brands are using your products.

We have used this in our own office and it has helped to keep all of us engaged in our work.

Create an inspiration space by encouraging your colleagues to stick pictures that generate ideas onto the walls. These can include photos, posters or other illustrations that might be inspiring.

Want to start taking advantage of Smart Magnetic Paint? Just follow our step by step Application Guide and your wall will be a fantastic tool for improving workflow.


Easier Organisation With Magnetic Surfaces

To get even more use out of your wall, try out Smart Magnetic Plaster. This product is different as it is 67% magnetite making it stronger than Smart Magnetic Paint, which is 50% magnetite. This means that your walls can hold more weight.

Now you can make even more use of your workspace.

Any colour can be applied as a topcoat. Plus, if you want to give your wall additional functionality, you can use our award winning, Smart Wall Paint, white or clear. Better yet, why not consider using a Magnetic Digital Print?

Just look at the way CDE used Smart Magnetic Paint, Smart Wall Paint and Digital prints for their project planning wall below.

CDE Global (3)

The wet processing equipment company took advantage of the products’ dry erase and magnetic functionality to help them manage their project work.

You can do the same by applying a digital print to your magnetic surface. First, watch our Application Guide which has information for professionals and non-professionals for installing Smart Magnetic Plaster. Then you can apply a magnetic digital print on top.

Design a calendar that can be used to schedule meetings and set deadlines. This makes it much easier to manage projects and improves your company’s workflow.

All in all, Smart Magnetic Paint and Plaster can be extremely useful for managing projects and encouraging everybody to work to the best of their abilities.

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Magnetic Walls are not just for sticking up pictures, you can also write on them.

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