How to Turn Any Wall into a Projector Screen

Want to do something more with those boring walls? How about turning them into huge projector screens? Paint for projector walls can do that for you in a jiffy.

It’s low cost, high quality, and can be painted directly onto your wall. This means when you aren’t using the projection functionality, you won’t even know it is there. No storage hassle, no upkeep.

That’s not even the best part. Projector Screen Paint doesn’t hotspot, can be used with projectors from any brand, and has great light reflective value.

Sounds interesting? Then keep reading and find out just some of the ways you can use DIY projector screen paint in your office, classroom, or home.

How to use paint for projector walls

Paint for projector walls lets you create high-end projector screens on any smooth surface. Plaster, concrete, glass, or wood — you can have it on any material. Here’s how many of our customers are using them.

Improving presentations

Ultra short throw projector screen paint for classroom presentation

Laptops and tablets just don’t cut it for presentations anymore. They lack impact and leave audiences underwhelmed. Even when you’re projecting on a large but typical screen, hotspotting can wreak havoc on your presentations, leaving your team and clients squinting at the screen.

A hotspot is a bright spot that typically appears on the screen when it can’t diffuse a strong light signal properly. This can also happen due to projector issues though. Screen hotspotting can make it difficult to get a clear view of your projection.

But, with projector screen paint for walls, screen hotspotting doesn’t need to be a problem. Our Projector Screen Paint doesn’t suffer from hotspots. So, when you project directly onto your projector screen wall, everyone will be able to see clearly. Also, the screen can be as large as the wall, creating an immersive experience.

Want to see how our projector screen paints can enhance your workspace? Take a look at the video.

Creating home cinema

Paint for projector walls isn’t just for the office though, so why not turn a wall into a huge screen and enjoy movies at home too?

Instead of spending a fortune on expensive cinema trips, you can have the same cinematic experience in your own home. If you think the viewing quality won’t be as high as a TV or regular projection screens, you’re in for a surprise.

Some DIY projector screen paints such as our High Contrast Projector Screen Paint are specifically designed to provide clear, high-contrast pictures even in rooms with some ambient light. They are perfectly suitable for high-quality projections. To top it off, they provide 140-degrees viewing angle without a quality drop. So everyone in the room can have an optimal viewing experience.

Unleashing the power of classroom walls

DIY projector screen paint can be just as effective in classrooms. Teachers can project lesson plans directly onto the walls, something they couldn’t do with traditional whiteboards.

You can make lessons more fun and engaging. Project slideshows dedicated to what you are teaching that day. Or questions and problems for your students to answer in quick-fire quizzes. There are plenty of ways to make use of a projector screen wall in any classroom.

Making events more exciting

Use projector wall paint to turn any wall into a screen. You can even create a high-contrast wall screen outdoors with our Outdoor Projector Screen Paint.

Project the credentials of a speaker while they speak. Or show a summary of what they are talking about on the large screen. If it’s a product launch, you can project images of the product or details on how you’ve reached this point in the process.

It can even be as simple as projecting a company logo on the wall. Whatever the event, having a huge projector screen that doesn’t occupy extra space and blends seamlessly with the setup is always a great option.

Play PS5 on projectable surface of outdoor projector screen paint

Improve your gaming experience

If gaming is your thing, paint for projector walls could be perfect for you. Choose a specialized product, like the Smart Ultra High Contrast Projector Screen Paint, which is designed for a captivating gaming experience.

Gaming is becoming more and more a group activity and it can be difficult for everyone to fit around the average television screen. By having a whole wall to project, gaming can become much more fun.

It is also a more cost-friendly alternative. A TV screen, the size of your wall, could cost you thousands.

Is a wall better than a screen for projection?

Yes, it is. Unlike regular screens, good quality paint for projector walls doesn’t suffer from hotspots. Plus, they offer a wide viewing angle without quality-drop.

But that’s not all. Projector screen walls don’t need regular upkeep or storage when not in use. You can totally skip the extra efforts you have to put in to keep your fabric screen in good condition.

With specialized projector paints, you can enjoy high-quality pictures even in ambient light or outdoors. But, for traditional screens, it can be quite difficult to keep up the same image quality in brighter setups.

In addition, projector paint for walls offers great longevity, is DIY-friendly, and costs much less than large TV screens.

Choosing the best paint for projector walls

If you’re looking for top-quality paint for projector walls, our range provides extensive options to fit every user’s needs.

For immersive presentations in offices or schools, our Short Throw Projector Screen Paint and White Projector Screen Paint Pro are popular. The short throw paint works seamlessly with short-throw projectors in normal to high ambient light conditions. It’s ideal for compact meeting rooms and classes.

White Projector Screen Paint Pro is one of our top sellers for general use projection. Meetings, lessons, presentations — they create clear and sharp images in setups with low to high ambient light. Plus, they work with both short and long throw projectors.

If entertainment is on your mind, go for the High Contrast Projector Screen Paint, or even better, the Smart Ultra High Contrast Projector Screen Paint. Both are designed for excellent home cinema and gaming experience.

The light gray High Contrast paint recreates sharp pictures and uniform brightness even in rooms with low ambient light but not completely dark. The Ultra High Contrast variety delivers maximum contrast levels and color enhancement in low ambient light conditions.

The takeaway
Paints for projector walls are an advanced alternative to traditional projection screens. They are gaining quick traction in the market thanks to a bunch of amazing features. Corporates and schools to homes, projector paint for walls is becoming an essential addition to grab attention, or for entertainment, without spending a bomb.

Not sure which projector wall paint will be the best for your home or office? Take a look at our product pages for more details or call our team of experts for consultation.