How To Use A Projector Screen Wall

How to use a projector screen painted wall

Have you heard about Projector Screen Paint?

This product can turn any smooth surface into a high performing projector screen. It’s low cost , high quality and can be painted directly onto your wall.

This means when you aren’t using the projection functionality, you won’t even know it is there.

That’s not even the best part. Projector Screen Paint doesn’t hotspot, can be used with all projectors and has great Light Reflective Value.

Sound interesting? Then keep reading below and find out just some of the ways you can use a projector screen wall in your office, classroom or home.

Improve Your Presentations

Are you tired of showing low quality powerpoints during presentations? Does everyone in the room struggle to see the screen due to hotspotting?

With Projector Screen Paint, this doesn’t need to be a problem.

We’ve mentioned above that hotspotting is often an issue with traditional projection screens. A Hotspot is a bright spot that appears on your projector screen which can make it difficult for everyone in the room to get a clear view of your projection.

This can often make it more difficult to explain your point as some people in the room may struggle to see the image or text that you are displaying.

Projector Screen Paint doesn’t hotspot. So, when you project directly onto your new projector screen wall, everyone will be able to see clearly.

Create A Home Cinema/ Theater Screen

Projector screen walls aren’t just for the office though, why not enjoy one at home too?

Create your own home cinema screen.

Instead of spending a fortune on expensive cinema trips, you’ll be able to have the same experience in your very own home.

Are you worried the viewing quality won’t be as high as a TV or regular projection screens?

Don’t be. Projector Screen Paint has been specifically designed to provide LRV which is completely suitable for high-quality projection. Not familiar with LRV? Check out our post all about it here.

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Make The Most of Classroom Walls

What about classrooms? Well, a projector screen wall can be just as effective there.

Teachers can project lesson plans directly onto to their wall, something they couldn’t do with traditional whiteboards.

Or why not make lessons more fun? You can project up slideshows dedicated to what you are teaching that day. Or questions and problems for your students to answer in quick fire quizzes.

There are plenty of ways to make use of a projector screen wall in your classroom.

Make Events More Exciting With A Projector Screen Wall

Are you planning an event? Use a Projector Screen Wall.

Have details on speakers projected up on the wall while they speak. Or  a summary of what they are talking about.

If it’s a product launch, you can project images of the product or details on how you’ve reached this point in the process.

It can even be as simple as projecting a company logo on your wall.

Whatever the event, having a projector screen can be really effective.

Increase Your Gaming Experience

Or maybe gaming is your thing. If so Projector Screen Paint could be perfect for you.

Gaming is becoming more and more a group activity and it can be difficult for everyone to fit around the average television screen.

By having a whole wall to project upon everyone will be able to see the image clearly.

Smart Projector Paint is also a more cost-friendly alternative as if you wanted a TV screen, the size of your wall this could cost you thousands.

Think Projector Screen Paint could be the product for you? Then click here.

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Or you can check out our comparison between projector paint and projection screens.

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