How Do Schools Use Smarter Surfaces’ Products?

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Tired of your old whiteboard? Want to make lessons more engaging?


You might think there isn’t much you can do, but there is.


Try functional surfaces. There are plenty of options to choose from.


How can schools use them?


That’s the great thing about functional surfaces, they can be used in almost every part of your day.


Check out just a few ways below.


How Can Students Use SS Products In Schools?

But how will it actually help the way my students learn? This will be your first question.


It’s simple really.


No More Mistakes

Why waste paper? Try writable desks and watch how eagerly your students will want to learn.


Experiment with having your students write directly onto their desks when answering a question.


If they get the answer wrong, they can simply rub it out and start again. Then once they’ve figured out the problem, they can write it into their notebook.


This way no one needs to worry about giving a wrong answer.


Smart Wall Paint, our whiteboard paint, can easily be applied to a desk in order to transform it into a writable surface. This product is available in both a white and clear option.


Everyone Can Join In

Does the positioning of your whiteboard make it difficult for all students to get involved?


Children come in all sizes.With one small whiteboard it can be difficult to find one that enables all students to get involved.


With a magnetic whiteboard wall, this doesn’t need to be a problem. There won’t be any height restrictions.


Instead you can transform your entire wall into a functional surface. This means no matter how tall or small a student is they will have a space to write on or stick on the wall.


Smarter Surfaces has a number of magnetic products including Smart Magnetic Plaster and Smart Magnetic Paint which suit any school’s needs.

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How Can Teachers Use SS Products In Schools?

It isn’t just students who can benefit from using Smarter Surfaces in the classroom.


Functional surfaces can really help teachers too.


Lesson Plans

Once class has ended you can still utilise your writable surfaces.


Why not make your desk writable to and use it to plan out your lessons? With the dry erase functionality, you can explore different ideas easily without having to start again on a new page.


That isn’t all though.

With a writable desk you, as the teacher, can jot down important notes throughout the day without having to go searching for a notebook.


Better Presentations

Are you tired of the perils of involving technology in the classroom.


Trying to set up a projector screen can really take away from time better spent teaching. If only there was a way to reduce the stress that this can cause.


There is. Try Smart Projector Paint.


You won’t need to worry about set up time any longer, by transforming your wall into a projection surface. Simply turn on the projector and you’re ready to go.


Want a writable and projection wall? No problem. Check our Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase and you can have a surface which does both.


It’s as easy as that.


Why wait any longer? Bring functional surfaces to your classroom

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