Debunking Magnetic Product Myths


There are a lot of myths out there concerning magnetic products.

In this post, we will debunk the most common myths by discussing Smart Magnetic Paint and Smart Magnetic Plaster.

Check them out below.

Myth 1: Magnetic products can be ugly, and a dark colour

While many dislike the dark colour of magnetic paint, this is necessary as the dark colour is due to the magnetic particles in the paint.

Of course, you don’t need to keep it that way.

It is easy to apply a colour of your choice on top of the magnetic product and still keep its functionality. Or apply Smart Wall Paint in white or clear on top for added whiteboard functionality ?

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Myth 2: Magnetic Products can be difficult to apply

Both Smart Magnetic Paint and Smart Magnetic Plaster come with handy step by step print application guides and application video.

You can view how easy it is to apply Smart Magnetic Plaster here.

Smart Magnetic Paint can easily be applied by anyone as it is similar to regular paint.

View our application video for Smart Magnetic Paint here.

Each tin has enough for the three coats required to cover the area. This means the wall reaches the highest possible magnetic potential, and is easily spread across the wall.

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Myth 3: Magnetic Products don’t work very well

Smart Magnetic Plaster has the strongest magnetic pull possible with 67% magnetite content.

Smart Magnetic Paint has 50% magnetite content. One of the benefits of Smart Magnetic Paint is that once the originally three coats have been applied, it is possible to increase the magnetic quality of the surface.

You can do this by applying additional coats though we recommend no more than seven.

Myth 3: The usefulness of magnetic products fades over time and it needs to be reapplied every few years

Both Smart Magnetic Plaster and Smart Magnetic Paint have a 10 year performance guarantee. This means they will continue to perform at a high quality throughout this time and there is no need for repainting.

Smarter Surfaces understand the consumer struggle of trying to purchase enough product to cover the amount of space required.

This is why our products are sold not in litres but instead by the area they will cover.

You will have exactly as much product as will you need to cover your surface.

Therefore your magnetic surface will last for many years and remain working to the highest quality.

Just choose paint or plaster, apply and hey presto – you will have a magnetic wall. Then just paint on top with any colour paint. Consider applying a digital print or wallcovering on top for added design. Don’t forget our 10 year performance guarantee for your peace of mind.

Want to find out if magnetic paint works, then click here.

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