How to apply Clear Dry Erase Paint

How to apply Clear Dry Erase Paint | Smarter SurfacesIn today’s post we have provided a step-by-step guide and application video to assist you when applying clear whiteboard paint to your surfaces. Smart Wall Paint Clear allows you to create a dry erase whiteboard surface in any colour, design or print and is an ideal alternative to large bulky whiteboards.



Step 1: Measure

Accurately measure the area you wish to paint. It is important not to stretch the paint as this will affect it’s writable properties.

Step 2: Prepare

Let’s start to prepare the area. Lay down a cover sheet to protect your floor. Cover any edge, light switch or fittings with masking tape. If there are any holes or cracks on your surface, they should be corrected with decorating filler. Lightly sand the dry filler and paint over it with a high sheen or glossy coloured paint of your choice.

Step 3: Prime your Surface

Clean the surface to remove any dust or residue and use your sandpaper to ensure the entire surface is smooth. If you are painting over a wallpaper, or porous, wooden or matte surface, It is essential to undercoat and seal your surface using a clear primer, as this will prevent the Smart Wall Paint from absorbing into your wall. You will need to apply two coats of primer before applying Clear Smart Wall Paint. Any roller or brush can be used to apply primer.

Ensure you allow all primers 24 hours to dry fully before applying Smart Wall Paint.

Step 4: Mix and Stir your Clear Smart Wall Paint

Pour Part A into Part B and stir thoroughly for no less than five minutes. Apply the paint using a clean roller sleeve that has not been in contact with water. This is essential as Smart Wall Paint does not work if exposed to water and any contact will affect it’s performance.

Step 5: Apply your Smart Wall Paint

Fill in the edges of your surface using a paint brush, working from left to right. Use a foam roller sleeve to fill in the rest of your surface. When using the roller sleeve, roll in a metre section at a time, passing the roller over the surface area a minimum of ten times in one application.

Step 6: Examine

Examine your painted surface from several angles. Re-wet the roller with Smart Wall Paint to retouch any missed spots on the surface.

Step 7: Allow Drying Time

Please note that your wall will be ready to use seven days from application of your Smart Wall Paint. Affix the ‘wet paint’ sign alongside the painted surface.

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