Which Products Can You Topcoat Your Magnetic Surface With?


Do you have a magnetic surface in your workspace? Adding magnetic surfaces to your environment can help you optimize your organization and planning, transforming the way you work.

But why have one functionality when you could have two, or even three?

Today we’re going to talk you through the how to’s and benefits of adding whiteboard or projector functionality to your magnetic surface.

Sound interesting? Then keep reading below to find out how multi-functional surfaces can transform your environment.

Topcoat For A Magnetic Whiteboard Surface

With a magnetic whiteboard surface, you get that added bonus of a space that is magnetic and has write on, wipe off functionality.

Perfect for meetings, brainstorming and project planning, magnetic whiteboard surfaces are a great addition to any workspace or classroom.

So, how can you topcoat your magnetic surfaces with whiteboard products? Well, depending on which magnetic product you choose, you have two options.

Your first option is to topcoat with Smart Whiteboard Paint.

Smart Whiteboard paint White and Clear can be combined with any of our magnetic products and can be applied by anyone, with no professional installation required.

Simply apply one coat of Smart Whiteboard Paint in White or Clear and allow seven days to cure before use.

If you have used magnetic plaster to create your magnetic surface, then you have the option of using our Smart Whiteboard Wallcovering.

Our Smart Whiteboard Wallcovering requires professional installation, however, it is ready to use in just 24 hours of application.

Read here to find out which magnetic whiteboard combination would best suit your needs.


Topcoat For A Magnetic Whiteboard Projector Surface

Magnetic whiteboard and projector surfaces are the ultimate combination for any space.

Make your meetings more efficient by sticking up documents, writing up ideas and projecting without hot-spotting all onto one surface.

Once again, you have two options to create your own triple functional wall depending on the magnetic surface you currently have.

Topcoat any magnetic surface with Smart Whiteboard Paint and Smart Projector Paint for an easy DIY option.

Did you create your magnetic surface with Smart Magnetic Plaster?

Then simply topcoat with our Smart 2-in-1 Projector and Whiteboard Wallcovering for two additional functionalities in one application.

Just like our Smart Whiteboard Wallcovering, Smart 2-in-1 Projector and Whiteboard Wallcovering should be installed by a professional and is ready to use in just 24 hours.

So, what are you waiting for? Topcoat your magnetic surfaces today for tailored functional surfaces that work for you.

Wondering which magnetic product you should choose? Then click here.

Discover how you can get a whiteboard, projector and magnetic surface all in one product and application here.

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