What Is In Your Smart Wall Paint Kit?

What Is In Your Smart Wall Paint Kit?

When you buy our award-winning whiteboard paint did you know it comes in a kit, so you get lots of extras as well ? This saves you money and gives you the main tools you need to apply.

You only need to make two decisions when considering how you will create your dry erase wall. What colour or design do you want your finished surface in ? What size wall(s) do you want to transform ?

Choose your Finish

Choose from two finishes with this product : white or clear. Traditionalists typically choose white whereas IT companies, marketers, digital companies and consultants prefer their whiteboard or dry erase surfaces in a range of bold colours like blue or orange.

Project planners and teams, as well as educators, also chose Smart Wall Paint in a clear finish as they can apply it over schedules, maps, charts, and other planning aids.

With Smart Wall Paint white, you get a whiteboard surface in white, as our coating is white.
With Smart Wall Paint clear, you get a whiteboard surface that works as a write-on wipe-off surface, yet retains the colour or design of the surface underneath.

Eendeavour and Smarter Surfaces walls

Choose your Size

Available in 5 sizes, simply choose the kit size that best matches the surface area you want to transform.

Remember after mixing our paint, you must use the coating within one hour of mixing.  (If you are painting a large area, you might choose two kits of a smaller size if you do not intend to complete the job in one go.)

What do you get in your kit ?

  • Contents that are core to each kit size are:
  • Paint (two part system)
  • Roller sleeve and roller handle
  • Sanding block
  • Stirring stick
  • Latex gloves
  • Eraser sponge
  • Application guide
  • Wall sticker

Due to the size of the surface are that our larger kits are designed for, kit contents may increase. For example larger kit sizes will contain more roller sleeves.

Smart whiteboard wall paint kit

Why do we Include Extra Items with Smart Wall Paint ?

We have conducted extensive research and development on how to create the smoothest writable surface. Based on testing variety of rollers, we include a foam roller in our kits. Foam rollers mean there are no hairs or fibres that might come loose and stick with wet paint on the wall. (If you choose to use other rollers, we recommend you remove any loose hairs or fibres from them before coating with Smart Wall Paint).

Final Tip

When you have selected your desired finish and size, check out the savings you can make when you choose “Whiteboard Paint and Accessories Kits” from the drop-down menu on the store page. You will save money this way rather than buying your whiteboard markers and cleaners separately.

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