Using A Digital Print With Smart Wall Paint Clear

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Does your office need an upgrade?

Sure you could choose traditional paints and wallpapers, but why not consider a digital print instead?

That’s not all though, by adding Smart Wall Paint Clear you can also bring functionality to your surface.

Now, you may have plenty of questions. What does a digital print add to my office? Why should I choose functional surfaces? How do these two options work together? 

Keep reading and we’ll answer these questions, and more, below.

Why Should You Install A Digital Print?

A digital print can add something extra to your workplace.
It can feature an image of just about anything. A colourful photo which can help brighten a dark office that lacks much natural light, a company’s logo or branding or even your mission statement.

The choice really is yours. Check out the image below of the digital print SS Office Interiors added to their showroom.


The image they chose was of an office they previously fitted out. Not only does it visually capture your attention it also allows any potential clients, who enter their showroom, to see an example of their work right up there on the wall.

Why Not Make Your Walls Functional As Well?

Add Smart Wall Paint Clear, our transparent dry erase paint, to the digital print and your surface won’t just look great, it will be functional as well.

SS Office Interiors, mentioned above, also added Smart Wall Paint in Clear to the digital print they installed in their showroom. Customers write directly onto the digital print so they know exactly how it will work if they have it installed in their own offices.

They can test out writing notes, brainstorming and try out different kinds of markers to see which ones work best on the surface.

They aren’t the only ones using this combination though. Check out CDE’s new project planning wall.

CDE 2 (2)

CDE is the world’s largest campus dedicated to the wet processing of materials in the sand & aggregates, mining, C&D waste recycling, industrial sands and environmental sectors.

They were looking for something to help them better map projects, from end to end, with some varying in end date. So they decided on functional surfaces. They designed their digital print and added both Smart Magnetic Paint and Smart Wall Paint to their surface.

Now they have a functional wall that looks pretty cool too.

Adding a digital print and functional surface combination to your workplace can really help you with project planning, brainstorming and even in the case of SS Interiors to show clients how their office will look when the project is completed.

Why not start designing your functional digital print wall today?

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