Update Your Home Office in 2018

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Do you work from home or thinking about it?

Nowadays employers are offering more flexible working options and many people are self-employed and entrepreneurial. Just check out what the New York Times said here.

If you decide to make the change and work from home, it’s important to have the right atmosphere for productivity, and to differentiate your work life from your home life.

We have a suggestion. Bring functional surfaces into your home office.

Read below to see how you can use functional surfaces in your home office.

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Being Productive In Your Home Office

So, you’re working from home. How can you optimize your surroundings for productivity?

Transform your walls into writable surfaces.

Writable surfaces are a great addition to any office. You can create your writable surface with whiteboard paint, like Smart Wall Paint. Or if you prefer. you can add whiteboard wallpapers like Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering.

Here are ten suggestions for how to use a writable wall in your home office:

  1. List all of your projects on the wall. Assign key dates, actions and deliverables under each. (Like a Gantt chart!).
  2. If you manage remote teams, list each team member’s KPIs so you can stay focused and manage each person / team effectively.
  3. Use your wall during skype calls or hangouts to show people what you are thinking of. Design or draw on the wall before the call. It’s quicker and easier than a powerpoint. Erase and edit during the call, depending on input from colleagues or new ideas suggested.
  4. Maintain a scribble pad or ideas area on your wall. As new ideas or things spring to mind, jot it down on the wall and then get back to what you are working on.
  5. If you have meetings in your home office, dry erase wallpaper is a great way to manage your meetings. Get people on their feet. Work on the walls.
  6. Declutter your workspace. No need for flipcharts, boards, nails in walls or any ugly stuff.
  7. Modernise your workspace. This is a beautiful, clean, white, glossy wallcovering.
  8. Stand up and work on the wall at times during the day. Get your circulation as well as your creative juices flowing.
  9. No ghosting! This wallcovering will not stain or go yellow. Your home office will always look clean and crisp.
  10. Write a thought for the day to make you smile or to inspire you, if you miss those watercooler chats with colleagues!

Have a look at some of our customer case studies involving whiteboard paint here and here.

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