Projector Paint: A Great Fit for Business Meetings

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Projectors are fantastic for business meetings. Everything is displayed on a surface. So no-one is huddled around a computer.

This makes it much easier to see all the information.

Unfortunately, the quality of the image being displayed varies depending on the surface.

Thankfully, you can get around this problem by using Smart Projector Paint. This product turns your wall into a high quality projector surface.

Here are some examples of how this functionality can help to improve your business meetings in many ways.

More Space For Display

With Smart Projector Paint, your wall is the projection space. This means that your image is no longer confined to whiteboard or projector screens.

No more wasting time trying to adjust the image to fit inside limited frames.

Now you can just project an image that is relevant to the meeting in full resolution. This makes the information easier to read.

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Improve Projector Image Quality

If you are concerned about the painted surface hampering the image quality, don’t be.

All you have to do is follow our application guide. Then, you will have a high quality projector surface.

This surface does not have the same problems as projector screens or whiteboards. The paint has unique reflective properties and it is designed to eliminate hot-spots.

This ensures that the images are much clearer and the display is better.

Improving Discussions 

With the additional space and better image display, discussions during these meetings will be greatly improved. This is because people will also find it easier to understand the information.

Especially now that they are not struggling to read what is being displayed on the screen.

As a result, people will get more involved in discussions. This will help the development of the project as people can refer back to the image on the screen to emphasise their own ideas.

Learn more about the unique reflective qualities of Smart Projector Paint.

You can also use Smart Projector Paint to create your own home cinema.

If you want to create a projector surface quickly, then check out our Smart Projector Wallcovering.

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