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Keeping people up to date is extremely important. This is especially the case in schools and workplaces. Thankfully, technological advancements has made communication much easier.

However, phones can’t get the message across in every environment.

So why not try Smart Wall Paint, our whiteboard paint, for a new way to communicate with others.

Any Wall Can Be A Noticeboard

Noticeboards can be useful for schools, offices and many other places, but they look ugly and are very costly to put up.

With Smart Wall Paint, however, the wall is a noticeboard. The dry erase paints, which come in white or clear, makes it easy to write important  announcements on the wall.

Need to get rid of the announcement when it’s out of date? Just rub it off to make room for newer ones.

You can also write up timetables on the wall, which can updated easily. Just like the noticeboard, you can rub out the old details and replace them.

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Turn A Surface Into Advertising Space With Smart Wall Paint

Smart Wall Paint also gives companies the opportunity to be innovative. There are numerous examples of how Smart Wall Paint enables limitless creativity.

Schools can use the dry erase paint to turn their walls into spaces for student groups. For example events can be advertised by drawing creative illustrations along with the details on the dry erase surface.

Cinemas could also promote films. Different film companies can use the space to draw a movie poster on the dry erase surface.

Improve Promotional Events

Other companies  could also use Smart Wall Paint to add more spice to a promotional event at their company headquarters.

This could be done through using creative illustrations to point people in the direction of different facilities in the building.

Another use for these illustrations could be to tell people about the company. This is better than just using text by itself.

These are just a few examples of how you can use Smart Wall Paint as a fantastic tool for promotion. Without any sort of board or frame in the way, there are no limitations to your creative freedom.

Read this case study about Innov8, a company that transformed its surfaces with whiteboard paint.

Use Smart Wall Paint to turn any coloured wall into a surface you can write on.

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