Smart Magnetic White board Paint: Does It Work?


In Part 4 of our ‘Does It Work?’ product series, we will be focusing on Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint. (Check our previous posts in the “Does it Work ?” series on Projector Paint, Magnetic Plaster and Magnetic Paint here.)

But first, what is magnetic whiteboard paint?

Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint is a bundle which includes our whiteboard paint in White or Clear and Smart Magnetic Paint. Depending on your colour choice, this bundle may also include Smart Primer (to give a good foundation to the surface)..

Our bundle sizes  for Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint are 2m2 (21 sq.ft), 6m2 (65 sq.ft), 12m2 (129 sq.ft), 18m2 (193 sq.ft) and 34m2 (365 sq.ft).

Once you’ve applied Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint you will have a surface which is both magnetic AND dry erase. This means you get two functionalities with only one purchase.

But does it work?


Magnetic Functionality

Smart Magnetic Paint is not magnetic itself, rather it acts like a magnetic receptor. This means that it won’t affect anyone with with a pacemaker or the Wifi signal.

It contains 50% magnetite content making it a medium strength product, which means yes it really is magnetic. (If you want our highest magnetic strength, consider Smart Magnetic Plaster at 67% magnetite).

Smart Magnetic Paint is mid-grey in colour and comes with a guarantee of 10 years.

You will receive a tin size which includes the the full three recommended coats of Smart Magnetic Paint. (7 coats of Smart Magnetic Paint allows for maximum strength, after which returns will diminish).

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Whiteboard Functionality

Our whiteboard paint, Smart Wall Paint,  is a one coat whiteboard paint which comes in two colours, white and transparent.

It enables the user to transform walls, desks and even doors into writable surfaces.

Smart Wall Paint also comes with a ten year guarantee and is the trusted products of 1000s of global companies.  

Smart Wall Paint is Smarter Surfaces’ best selling product. We even have it applied in our own office. Check out what some of our happy customers have said below.

Stuart Payn – Blok Collective Art Group

Smart Wall Paint is great. It works brilliantly. Using the pens that came with the paint, I have had no problems with ghosting. Even if left on there for months at a time, I can wipe off easily and with a damp cloth it’s as good as new.

Sarah Townsend – The Real Buzz Group

We have transformed eight offices and our boardroom with Smarter Surfaces products. It has really transformed the way in which we work. People in our office love it that much that they want to use it at home.

Gillian Bates – Soundwave

Smart Wall Paint was the perfect way for us to keep an energetic vibe in the office. We are always drawing on the wall, writing up ideas and feedback from users. It was definitely something we wanted to use when we moved into our new location. We really recognised the value in the product. It brings a lot of fun to the office and gets people discussing ideas more.

So as you can see, does Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Paint really work? Yes it does.

Our Trusted Customers