Four uses for Projector Paint

Four uses for Projector Paint | Smarter SurfacesIn today’s post we have shared our four favourite uses for Smart Projector Paint. Many people think that this product is mainly suited to an office or educational environment. However, this is definitely not the case. Here are some of our favourite alternative uses.


Home Cinema

Smart Projector Paint provides the perfect canvas for home cinema projections. With the increase in movies and TV shows available online, why bother with an expensive trip to the movies when you can create your very own HD big screen at home? Smart projector paint is definitely a cheaper alternative to multiple trips to the cinema – and means you can skip the annoying advertisements and ticket queues.



A projection surface allows gamers to fully immerse themselves in their virtual environment by providing a large-scale HD screen which facilitates the projection of bright, sharp images in high definition and has been designed and tested to provide maximum contrast. The size and scale possibilities of Smart Projector Paint mean that you can create a surface that’s large enough for multiple players to enjoy at once.


Children’s art project

A pastime that many children enjoy is colouring and drawing, either inside a book or on footpaths and driveways outdoors with chalk. With a projector surface, you can take this experience to a new level and keep kids busy for hours at a time. Simply project a black and white image onto your surface and allow children to trace over the picture using chalk. This can easily be removed afterwards with a cloth and some warm water. We also provide products that will keep your surface looking its best, which you can view here.


Sporting Events

Many big sporting events are now available to watch on a pay per view basis but are often shown at awkward hours of the night. A projection screen provides the perfect surface on which these big events can be screened and enjoyed with friends, without having to leave your house. For example, for many of Conor McGregor’s recent fights, people have waited up for hours to go to busy public screenings in pubs or clubs – only to find the fight was over as soon as it started! Smart Projector Paint puts an end to this hassle, allowing you to enjoy events such as these from the comfort of your own home.

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