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Are you in the Office Fit Out Business? If so, check out the latest functional products that you need to know about for your commercial interior clients.

Replace Whiteboards with Functional Wallcoverings

Its time to ditch traditional whiteboards. They are ugly, stain, and discolour over time. They also need to be attached to a wall,  and ultimately end up in landfill.  Modern and environmentally friendly organisations want better solutions to their dry erase needs. Time and time again, we hear from Facilities Manager that a constant challenge is dealing with non-performing or dirty whiteboards throughout their offices and schools.

Consider whiteboard wallpaper (yes really!) or whiteboard paint.

Smart Dry Erase wallcovering is applied just like any wallcovering. For your tight deadlines, the good news is that the new dry erase surface is ready to use as soon as the adhesive dries, typically within 24 hours. So for a rapid install, the highest dry erase performance, and an unlimited write-on wipe-off area, consider Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering.

If time is not a factor, you might choose our award-winning whiteboard paint, Smart Wall Paint. This is a one-coat application and comes with a 10 year performance guarantee.


Replace Magnetic Sheets with Magnetic Plaster or Paint

Magnetic functionality is rapidly overtaking whiteboard functionality as a must-have in working and learning spaces. Until recently, people have been limited by the small sizes, installation costs and challenges of these out-dated products.

One of our customers, who works for a national transport agency in the UK, told us they had to install walls and panels in their open plan office, to have something to mount magnetic boards and sheets onto. He was very frustrated!

The advantages of using magnetic plaster and paint are no size limitations, as you can transform a wall or room of any size into a magnetically receptive surface.  The newly functional walls remain seamless and aesthetically pleasing. Your client can choose any normal paint, wallcovering or digital print to install over the magnetic base.

Choose Smart Magnetic Plaster for our strongest magnetic base, as well as to smoothen our irregular walls. Choose Smart Magnetic Paint if painting is your preferred application method.

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Replace Projector Screens with Projector Wallcovering or Paint

Just like whiteboards, projector screens are ubiquitous in offices and classrooms everywhere you go. We are on a mission to replace them with our 21st century alternatives of projector wallcovering and projector paint.

Projector screen paint comes in a white finish (non dry-erase). It creates a matt surface area for projecting onto, without hotspotting. Consider adding a border around it for easy identification for for clarity of image. Just mask off the border area and paint with your client’s preferred colour – from their logo perhaps ?

Smart Projector Wallcovering offers more, as it is a dual functionality product. Would your client like one product that acts as both a projector screen and a dry erase surface ?  This is it!

With benefits of rapid install, ready to use in 24 hours, and unlimited sizing, read more about it here.

Your clients will thank you for offering them functional and environmentally friendly solutions to all of their commercial interior wall requirements. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about our functional products. You can even call us from a client meeting. We are happy to answer any questions you or your clients might have.

Welcome to Smarter Surfaces. Choose functional products.

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