Favourite Uses in Education Part 2

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We previously posted part 1 of our favourite uses of Smarter Surfaces products in education.

Part 1 focused on how whiteboard surfaces can be used in education. Now we’re going to talk about how magnetic and projection surfaces can be used in education.

Below we continue to explain how teachers can better engage with the students in their classroom, with the help of innovative products.

Interactive Projection Surfaces For Education 

Using a projection screen in education can often mean teaching is very one-way. With the teacher, speaking at the front of the class, while the students are writing in their notebooks.

With Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase, lessons can be much more interactive.

Tackle problems as a class and as individuals. This lessens the isolation of the students and helps them to be more actively involved in this classes.

Teachers can project classwork onto their walls and get groups of students to work together to solve them before writing the answer.

Everyone will want to get involved.


Magnetic Walls

With a magnetic surface, you can cover the whole classroom in your ideas. This helps to keep them fresh and allows you the space to expand on them. You can then make your project into a reality.

A magnetic whiteboard surface in a classroom or communal area is perfect for projects of this kind as it provides individuals with a boundless canvas and unlimited space for collaborative activities such as problem-solving and idea generation.

You can even combine this with Smart Wall Paint and use a magnetic and whiteboard surface in the classroom.

Using this throughout the class will have all the students raising their hands so that they can write or stick something on the wall.

Class Collaboration

It’s important for a class to work together. How can a teacher make this happen?

Why not incorporate your magnetic or projection surface into education activities?

Build group games into your lessons using Smart 2-in-1 Wallcovering: Projector and Dry Erase.

Project quizzes onto the wall and then have students take turns to write out their answers on it.

With Smart Magnetic Paint or Plaster you can create group noticeboards and select certain students to look after it each week. The magnetic properties allow letters, leaflets or other important documents to be easily displayed on the surface.

Science, history and geography projects or artistic work by students is often displayed around the classroom.

This is all without leaving the holes or sticky residue that thumbtacks and blu-tack create.

This keeps the students involved in their lessons and increases their engagement.


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