Be Creative With Your Writable Walls

Be creative with your office writable whiteboard walls

Do you want to work in a modern and productive working environment? Then it is time to get creative

Install a whiteboard wall in your office and make changes to the way you work. It’s easier than you think.

Get creative with your whiteboard wall and you can help meetings and everyday work tasks become more engaging, easier to complete and fun too.

Find out some of the ways you can get more creative with your whiteboard wall here.

Draw Up Company Murals

Have you got visitors coming to your office? Hosting an event?

It helps to get creative with your whiteboard wall.

Draw a huge mural dedicated to your company on one of your walls and wow visitors as they come in.

Or dedicate the wall to an event and invite attendees to write  their feedback up on the wall for everyone to see.

Your walls don’t need to just be for other people though.

Why not use it to draw seasonally inspired drawings? You can have one for springtime, Halloween, Christmas, whatever season of holiday your company feels like celebrating.

It will look great and it’s an interesting way to make use of your surface.

Add Functionality To Your Digital Print

Have you got a digital print or are considering adding one to your office?

You can make a digital print with any image you can think of. Create a large version of your logo, an image showcasing your products, it can be anything you like.

Why you’re at it, why not make it writable as well?

Get creative and top coat your digital print with Whiteboard Paint in Clear. Not only will your wall look great, it will be functional as well.

One of the best ways we’ve seen this used is a customer who added functionality to a map in their office. It enabled them to get an overall view of the markets they were supplying to and identify where  they might next target distributors.

Now that’s being creative.

Smart whiteboard paint white used in a classroom

Make Things Colourful And Creative

Did you know that whiteboard walls don’t need to be white?

It’s true. You can create a writable surface in any colour you wish. Red, blue and green walls can all become whiteboards.

But how can this help you become more creative?

Well, office walls are traditionally white. By adding a bright colourful wall people will be instantly drawn to it and eager to get writing on it.

Your colleagues will be more driven, you’ll have a huge amount of space to work as individuals or groups and everyone can find a way to use in for their own projects.

Find out more about how you can create whiteboard walls per your requirements.

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