How To Create Your Own Home Theater Screen With Projector Paint Contrast


Tired of overpriced trips to the movie theater? From overpriced tickets to confectionery, drinks and luxury seats, you can really end up spending a lot.

Wouldn’t it be much easier if you could have a cinematic experience without having to leave your home?

Well, the good news is, you can! Create your own home cinema screen with Projector Paint Contrast.  This is the perfect product for creating home cinemas or home theater screens on your very own wall.

You, your family and friends can sit back comfortably in your living room and watch your favourite sports team play in the clearest image imaginable. Or why not enjoy the latest TV box set or film on a large screen in the comfort of your own home?

Find out why you should create your home theater screen with Projector Paint Contrast below.

How Can I Create My Home Theater Screen?

It’s easier than you think to create a home theater screen with Smart Projector Paint Contrast. Choose a wall that best suits your viewing and begin the application process. It is simple to follow and you will receive a step by step application guide alongside your paint to help you with the process.

This product is a four coat two tin system, which means two coats in each tin. One tin consists of the base layer and the other the top layer. Both must be applied in order to create your home theater screen.

Here is a summary of all the application steps. You will need to follow each of them in order to apply your projector paint correctly.

  1. Prepare the surface by making sure it is smooth. If untreated, prime with our White Primer. This will seal the surface and help smooth it out.
  2. Sand the surface so it is perfectly smooth
  3. Apply two coats from your base coat tin and sand in between coats before applying the second. Repeat steps for top coat tin.
  4. Allow all coats to dry before applying the next.
  5. Wait 24 hours before using your new home theater screen surface.

Forget the installation hassle and cost of projector screens and choose Smart Projector Paint Contrast.


Why Should I Use Smart Projector Screen Paint Contrast?

So you know you want a home theater screen, but why should you choose Projector Paint Contrast? What makes this product the best solution for your home theater.

Smart Projector Paint Contrast is the perfect product for all of your home projection needs. It has been specially developed to optimize the home cinema experience, can also be used for gaming and it absorbs certain light which allows for stronger definition on darker images.

It comes in a dark grey finish that is perfect for a home cinema screen and can be used with all interactive, HD and standard projectors.

Worried about the cost of a large wall-mounted monitor or screen ? Don’t be. You can paint a projection screen surface in any size you want. There are no limits.

So to summarize, Projector Screen Paint Contrast is low cost, high quality, doesn’t hotspot, comes in any size you want, is always on and is completely designed for projection. What more could you need?

So why waste your money on trips to the cinema or a large in-house projector screen when you can simply and cheaply convert your wall into your very own home cinema screen. You’ll keep your guests entertained and have your very own cinema at home.

Once you try a home theater screen with Smart Projector Paint Contrast you won’t ever want to return to traditional screens.

What Can I Do With A Home Theater Screen?

Watch Movies, Box Sets & Live Sports

Use your home theater screen to showcase movies and watch sporting events. People are constantly on the hunt for bigger and better screens in order to view their favourite tv shows, movies and live sporting events. As well as being a cost-cutting, environmental alternative to the traditional projector screen, projector paint allows for limitless imagery.

This is extremely useful when entertaining a big group of people. Guest’s view of the screen will never be impaired as they have virtually an entire wall to look upon. Also, many live sporting events are Pay-Per-View and often need to be streamed. Many TV’s, however, do not have live streaming capabilities – so projectors are a natural alternative.

Why waste money at the cinema? Or waste time positioning chairs around the television? You can wow your guests with an authentic cinematic experience in your home. Need help setting up your projector? Then check out how you can set up a home theater here.

Create The Perfect Gaming Surface

The gaming industry is bigger than ever and this has led to the advent of LAN parties, where gamers can get together and establish a local area network (LAN), primarily for the purpose of playing multiplayer video games. With projector paint you can project an image large enough for multiple guests to enjoy the experience from virtually anywhere in the room.

This is helpful, especially if you’re hosting large tournaments as players won’t feel crowded or under any more pressure when surrounded by others.

A traditional screen for this kind of activity could cost you thousands of euro, however, with projector paint it can be done at a fraction of the cost and without a loss in image quality.

Why settle for screens when you can create an entire home theater screen at home.

Use For Parties & Events

For party planners and coordinators, projector paint offers a canvas to display eye catching designs and slideshows that will ensure your event is a memorable one. Whether you’re planning to create a backdrop for your cat-walk at a fashion show, a trade exhibition or a guerrilla marketing stunt, you can achieve perfection with projector paint.

Likewise, when it comes to hosting a party at home, we have seen projector paint used very creatively, especially at seasonal events. Some of our favourite finds were a Halloween themed party with projections of ghosts on the walls – creating a spooky atmosphere, and an in-office Christmas party where festive scenery was projected onto the walls to help transform an otherwise dull conference room.

It’s also possible to sync music and sound effects to correlate with videos and animations to provide guests with a truly unique audio-visual experience.

Think a home theater screen might be the product for you? Then check out Smart Projector Paint Contrast. Your wall will be your very own home cinema and you can project movies, watch tv shows, play games or have parties with your surface. You won’t need to break the bank with Smart Projector Paint Contrast as this high quality product is low cost and perfect for your needs.

Please note that Smart Projector Paint Contrast is not a dry erase product. If you are interested in dry erase products and want to know more about them, then please click here.

Are you looking to create a projection surface in your office or business? Then opt for Smart Projector Paint Pro instead. This product is the highest performing projection product in our range and best suits business usage. For regular day use consider Smart Projector Paint which is the best projection product for your every day projection needs.

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