Top Whiteboard Alternatives for Offices, Classrooms & More

Traditional whiteboards have been the go-to option for brainstorming, teaching, and planning for years. However, as technology and innovation progress, more whiteboard alternatives are emerging that offer various features and functionalities. From offices to classrooms and even home offices, whiteboard alternatives are transforming how we communicate, share ideas, and collaborate.

In this article, we will dive into what can be used to replace traditional whiteboards and discuss eco-friendly alternatives. At Smarter Surfaces, we offer a range of dry erase products that serve as excellent whiteboard alternatives for office spaces, classrooms, and more.

Whiteboard paint white large office wall surface - whiteboard alternatives

Why Consider Whiteboard Alternatives?

First off, let’s ask why you might want to consider whiteboard alternatives for classroom settings, offices, or home offices. Traditional whiteboards are great, but they have limitations:

  • Size Constraints: Traditional whiteboards have size limitations. If you need a larger surface to capture all your big ideas, then a regular whiteboard might not suffice.
  • Eco-Friendly: Many traditional whiteboards are not recyclable, contributing to waste.
  • Aesthetic: Let’s face it; traditional whiteboards aren’t exactly a design feature. If you’re looking for something that blends seamlessly into your interior, you may want to consider other options.

Let’s explore some of the top whiteboard alternatives.

Dry Erase Products: A Whole New World of Whiteboard Alternatives for Office & More

Smarter Surfaces provides three major types of dry erase products that can replace traditional whiteboards: whiteboard wallpaper, whiteboard paint, and self-adhesive whiteboard films.

1. Whiteboard Wallpaper: A Viable Whiteboard Alternative for Classrooms and Offices

One of the best whiteboard alternatives is the Whiteboard Wallpaper from Smarter Surfaces. This high-performance, easy-to-install dry erase wallpaper offers:

  • Superior Performance: Surpassing traditional whiteboards in quality and durability.
  • Versatile Functionality: Transform any surface into a high-performing dry erase area.
  • Enhanced Collaborative Spaces: Ideal for offices, meeting rooms, and classrooms.
  • Large-Scale Writable Surfaces: Break free from size constraints with limitless space.

How do you apply Whiteboard Wallpaper? Installation is quick, and the only drying time required is for the adhesive. The product comes pre-finished, allowing you to use it within 24 hours of installation.

2. Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper – Low Sheen

If you’re searching for whiteboard alternatives for office spaces or classrooms that require projection capabilities, the Smart Whiteboard Wallpaper – Low Sheen is an excellent choice. This product not only serves as a whiteboard but is also compatible with all types of projectors.

  • Easy Installation: Like any wallpaper, easy to hang.
  • Boost Creativity and Productivity: Ideal for presentations and collaborative work.
  • Optimized for Natural Light: The low sheen finish reduces glare, making it easier to read and write.

3. Dual Functionality Magnetic Projector Screen Whiteboard Wallpaper

Taking whiteboard alternatives to the next level, Smarter Surfaces offers the Smart Magnetic Projector Screen Whiteboard Wallpaper. This product goes beyond traditional whiteboard functionality by offering three features: it’s magnetic, projectable, and writable with dry erase markers.

  • Magnetic, Writable & Projection Surfaces: Experience the benefits of a magnetic surface, writable whiteboard, and projection screen all rolled into one.
  • Versatile Projection Compatibility: Suitable for standard, interactive, 3D, and 4K projectors.
  • Modern Workspaces & Easy Installation: Convert entire walls into a multi-functional surface.

This product stands out as one of the most versatile whiteboard alternatives for modern offices, schools, and more.

Magnetic projection and writable wall being used in classroom - whiteboard alternatives

4. Smart Whiteboard Paint best choice for collaborative spaces

Another excellent option when looking for whiteboard alternatives is Smart Whiteboard Paint. This paint can be applied to almost any smooth surface, transforming it into a dry erase board.

  • Unleash Creativity & Boost Collaboration: Create interactive surfaces for ideation and strategizing.
  • Maximize Efficiency: A cost-effective solution, eliminating the need for multiple boards.
  • Sustainability and Longevity: Contribute to a greener future by eliminating paper waste.

It’s perfect for those who want a seamless, integrated look while maintaining the functionality of a whiteboard.

Here is a quick video from a customer where you can see how our product is easy to use and highly functional in nature.

5. Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Film is best for renovating old blackboards and whiteboards

Last but not least, if you’re looking for whiteboard alternatives that can be easily applied to furniture and partitions except walls, consider Smart Self Adhesive Whiteboard Film. This product is ideal for instant results and can be used immediately after installation.

  • Easy Installation: Apply it yourself and start using it right away.
  • Workspace Refurbishment: Revitalize your workspace by applying it to desks, tables, and windows
  • Stain Resistant, Environmentally Friendly: A sustainable option for those looking to reduce waste.

With a shift towards dynamic, flexible work and learning environments, whiteboard alternatives are gaining popularity for their versatility, design integration, and eco-friendliness. From whiteboard wallpapers to whiteboard paint and self-adhesive films, Smarter Surfaces offers a plethora of options that serve as excellent whiteboard alternatives to traditional setups.

When it comes to whiteboard alternatives for classrooms, offices, or even your home, the possibilities are limitless. Upgrade your space today with these innovative solutions.

If you want to know more about our other products, get in touch with our team for assistance.