Create a Border Around Projector Paint

Create a Border Around Projector Paint
Everyone loves projector paint. Who wouldn’t want a clean white wall (with no holes, screws, fixings or drop down screens) that looks great,  but also has a use ?

Your projector painted wall is there when you need it, but looks great and unobtrusive when you don’t need it.

It’s an inexpensive and tried and tested alternative to projector screens.

One of the most common questions we are asked about Projector Paint is how to create a border around it ?


Create a Border Around Projector Screen Paint

To prepare your projector wall, prime the surface first. This prepares a light and even base colour on your wall. Topcoat with 2 coats of Smart Projector Paint (non-dry erase).

Once the surface is dry, mark out the lines for your border with a pencil. Tape the area off.

Tip: Don’t just think of a rectangle for a border shape. Some of our customers have used speech bubble shapes and other interesting shapes to create their borders.

Paint your border with the colour of your choice. Some people choose traditional black. Others prefer to choose a colour in their logo.

Remove the tape when the paint is still wet so it does not peel off some of the dry paint with it.

That is all there is to it !

Border 2

Do You Need a Border ?

Of course you don’t need a border at all. In our office, one entire wall acts as a projector wall. However we know some people prefer to have a border as it allows everyone to quickly and easily identify the area to project onto. Also having a border might help with the visual quality due to contrasts between the white projector screen area and the darker border (watch out for a separate blog post on this.)

If you have used our projector wallcovering instead of our projector paint, the process is similar.

After apply the wallcovering, just wait until the wallpaper adhesive is dry, which usually takes 24 hours.


Differences between Projector Paint and Projector Wallcovering ?

In case you are wondering, there are differences between both of these alternatives that you need to consider.

Smart Projector Wallcovering is a dry erase as well as a projector surface, so you get two functionalities in one product. Smart Projector Paint is not dry erase.

Smart Projector Wallcovering is ideal for rapid installations in large areas. Smart Projector Paint needs to be applied with a brush or roller and takes 2 coats.

Finally, you will want to consider cost in your final decision. The wallcovering is obviously more expensive due to the added functionality, and innovation of the product.

What will your choice be ?

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