Everything You Need To Know About How To Paint a Projector Screen

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So, you’re interested in adding a projection surface to your workspace or classroom but aren’t sure how to paint a projector screen? Then why not opt for a projector screen paint.

The first step you need to take is picking the best product for you. There are plenty of projector paints to choose from including Smart Projector Paint, Smart Projector Paint Contrast and Smart Projector Paint Pro.

Our projector paints are a great alternative to traditional projector screens. They are really beneficial to your workspace or learning environment.

To find out how you can paint a projector screen, or learn more about the products on offer then keep reading below.

How To Paint A Projector Screen With Smart Projector Paints?

No matter which projector screen paint you choose it is easy to paint a projector screen.

  • Smart Projector Paint Pro and Smart Projector Paint are two coat systems that can be easily applied to any smooth surface.
  • Smart Projector Paint Contrast is a two tin and four coat system as this paint is more suited to creating home cinemas and surfaces for gaming and has a grey finish.

What Surfaces Can I Apply Projector Screen Paint To?

One of the things to consider when wondering how to paint a projector screen is what surfaces you can use. Projector Screen Paints can be applied to almost any surface. They are suitable for use on plaster, wood, metal, and concrete. However keep in mind that these products are suitable for indoor use only.

Can Projector Screen Paints Also Be Used To Create Dry Erase Surfaces?

No, Projector Screen Paints cannot be used to create dry erase surfaces. It is important when considering how to paint a projector screen that you make sure that you will only need your surface for projection.

What Colors Do Projector Screen Paints Come In?

There are currently three projection paints in the Smarter Surfaces product range. Smart Projector Paint and Smart Projector Paint Pro both have a white finish so will easily blend into offices or classrooms when not in use.

Smart Projector Paint Contrast has a grey finish as it has been optimized for contrast performance and is best used for gaming and home cinema screen walls.

Home theater created with smart projector paint contrast how to paint a-projector screen

Can You Paint A Projector Screen In A Child’s Room?

Yes, all our projector paint products exceed all EU safety regulations (and therefore exceed global standards). This means they are extremely safe to use in a child’s bedroom.

Do You Need To Prepare Your Surface Before Applying Projector Screen Paints?

We recommend applying Smart Projector Paints onto previously primed or painted surfaces. If applying onto an uncoated surfaces, use white water based primers such as Smart White Primer to prepare your surfaces.

Are Projector Paints Better Value Than Traditional Projector Screens?

  • When planning to paint a projection screen you want to make sure you are using a product that is going to work long term.
  • Traditional projector screens can be really expensive, but creating your projection surface doesn’t have to be. Smart Projector Paints are low cost products. You won’t need to worry about breaking your budget when creating your projection wall, no matter how big it is.
  • Even though Projector Paints cost significantly less than traditional projector screens, they still provide you a high quality projection surface. Images and powerpoints will be clearly projected directly onto your wall.

Ultra short throw projector screen paint for slideshows

How To Paint A Projector Screen In Any Size

One of the main limitations of using projector screens is that they aren’t available in a lot of size options. So what do you do if you want to project onto a bigger or smaller area than they allow?

Then try Smart Projector Paints. Since you are painting directly onto your wall you can cover as much, or a little room as you want.Then when you aren’t using it your projector wall will just look like a regular wall.

Watch this DIY tutorial video on how to paint a projector screen.

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