Smart Vinyl over Vinyl Wallpaper Adhesive

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Smart Vinyl over Vinyl Wallpaper Adhesive is a high performing ready mixed wallpaper paste

Vinyl Wallpaper Adhesive has been formulated to be used with all Smarter Surfaces functional wallpapers.

Suitable for magnetic wallpapers, whiteboard wallpapers, vinyls, overlapping and sticking to gloss surfaces. Smart Vinyl Wallpaper Adhesive can be used with any wallpaper that requires a high strength adhesive such as Smart Magnetic Wallpaper, Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Wallpaper, Smart Magnetic Whiteboard Wallpaper – Low Sheen

Simply apply two light coats of the wallpaper adhesive to the wall then hang your wallpaper. Each tub covers an area of 215 ft².

  • Creates a stronger bond for heavier wallpapers
  • 10 year product guarantee
  • Commercial grade performance
  • Environmental – Isocyanates free, Low VOC, Solvent Free

Coverage/Volume / Weight/ VOC

  • 129 sq ft/ 129fl oz / 6.61 lbs /0.033 fl oz
  • 258 sq ft/ 215fl oz / 13.23 lbs /0.033 fl oz
  • Odor: Very low
  • Suitable Surfaces: plaster, wood, metal glass, plastic, composites, tiles and ceramics.

Application GuideA full application guide to help you apply our Smart Vinyl over Vinyl Wallpaper Adhesive

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When applying any of Smarter Surfaces magnetic vinyl wallpapers, butt the joints, or overlap and double cut through both layers with a sharp blade.

Smart Vinyl over Vinyl Wallpaper Adhesive is a high performance adhesive that is great for overlapping and borders, extra heavy wallcoverings, dry erase wallcoverings, heavy wallcoverings like magnetic wallcoverings, fabrics, glass cloth, PVC, vinyl’s, papers woven and non woven.

It is also suitable for applying wallcovering to ceilings due to its high performance.

Vinyl over Vinyl Wallpaper can be applied by professional and non-professional users.

Step 1 Prepare the surface by filling and sanding and apply one primer coat to new or untreated surfaces like plaster.
Step 2 Get your wallcovering ready for installation and cut to size if needed.
Step 3 Apply one full coat of Vinyl over Vinyl Adhesive
Step 4 Wait 30 minutes until the first coat is almost dry or tacky and appy a second full coat of adhesive
Step 5 Apply your wallpaper into the wet adhesive.

Yes you can add 5% water to make the adhesive easier to roll onto the wall

Smart Vinyl over Vinyl Wallpaper Adhesive can be applied to plaster, wallboards, PVC wood, metal and composites. For interior use only.

Use the gloves and eye protection when applying the VOV adhesive. In case of contact with eyes or ingestion refer to the MSDS sheet.

Smart VoV adhesive is not flammable

Yes, it is completely safe to apply dry erase paint around adults and children as it is certified as low VOC and low odour product.

Clean tools and spills with water

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