What Markers Should You Use on Your Whiteboard Surface?

What whiteboard markers to use

One of the questions we are frequently asked about regarding whiteboard surfaces is how to avoid ghosting? So let’s focus on ghosting in this blog post : which whiteboard markers should you choose for writing on your whiteboard surface? Whether its whiteboard paint, whiteboard wallcovering or whiteboard sheets.

Choose Quality Branded Whiteboard Markers

We strongly recommend you choose only quality branded whiteboard markers. Well known high quality brands such as Bic, Edding, Artline and Stedler are reliable.

Whilst you may save money buying cheaper markers (with unrecognisable brands or those which have been cheaply made), you will not save money in the long-term. The money you might save from cheaper markers, you will surely spend on whiteboard cleaning solutions such as whiteboard cleaning spray or wipes.

Keep your whiteboard clean with Smarter Surfaces cleaners

Avoid Ghosting At All Costs

Our approach would be to avoid ghosting, rather than having to deal with it at all.

How to Keep Your Whiteboard Surface White

When you start using your whiteboard surface, clean it at the end of every day for the first month. (This applies in particular to our award-winning Smart Wall Paint. Why? after application, this specialist coating continues to cure for the first month).

For daily cleaning, use an everyday cleaner like Smart Whiteboard Spray or another trusted brand. For heavy usage or for a good monthly clean, use a heavier duty cleaner such as Smart Whiteboard Spray Pro or Permanent Marker Remover. It is important to note that you should not use the Pro spray as a daily cleaner as it could damage your surface over prolonged daily use.

Use soft cleaning cloths such as microfibre cloth. Do not use materials that might scratch your surface.

No Tape!

Do not use Sellotape or other adhesive backed materials on your whiteboard painted surface. When removed, these might remove some of the whiteboard paint with them. Unless you paint over the gap, this area will not be wipe-able. Some users might unwittingly write on it, and then you will be stuck with a marker stain that you cannot remove.

Gloss Levels

One final tip. In theory, the glossier the whiteboard surface is, the easier it should be to wipe-off and keep clean. There is a trade-off between gloss levels and erasability. Some people love a modern, glossy surface. Others prefer a matt finish. Its really a matter of personal choice.

No More Ghosting!

Purchase best quality markers, plus an everyday cleaning spray, and a heavy-duty cleaner for stubborn stains. Check out our bundled accessories for whiteboard surfaces and user kit for magnetic writable surface

If you follow these simple tips, you can avoid ghosting. Its all about prevention rather than a cure!

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