How To Put Up Whiteboard Paint

How To Put Up Whiteboard Paint

It’s easier than you think to create a dry erase surface. Do it with Smart Wall Paint.

Follow these instructions.

Measure Your Area

Measure your surface accurately making sure you’ve purchased enough paint
Each tin of Smart Wall Paint is formulated to cover the recommended area – don’t stretch it


Cover the area around your surface with protective covering
Check and fill any holes or cracks on the surface (this will make the surface smooth enough to paint)
Sand your selected area


Apply 2 coats of white primer to your surface (3 if over magnetic paint or plaster)
Please note: Ordinary emulsion / latex paint is not suitable as a primer
If painting Smart Wall Paint in Clear, use a clear sealer if painting over any of the below surfaces
a new wood or composite material
a new porous or dry material such as plaster or concrete
over porous surfaces such as wallpaper

Use any roller/brush to apply the primer
Ensure the surface is clean and dry prior to painting
Drying time takes 2-4 hours between coats and 12 hours after the final coat has been applied

To apply you will need a new roller, a brush and a tray, as any contact with water or solvent will cause a reaction with Smart Wall Paint. This will affect its performance.

All set ? Let’s go.

Turn your wall into a whiteboard with whiteboard paint



Pour all Part As into Part B (the number will depend on what tin size you have purchased)
Stir for 5 minutes using the stirring stick provided in your kit
Apply the paint in 1 metre sections within 1 hour of mixing, using the roller sleeve in your kit. Pass the roller over the entire surface 10 times to ensure a generous and even coating
Upon completion of each one metre section, examine the painted surface from three angles for any imperfections, missed spots or areas of uneven application. Apply more Smart Wall Paint as required
Ensure each metre section has adequate Smart Wall Paint to create a writing surface, before moving on to the next one metre section
Once the first one metre section is complete and has been inspected, move to the second section and repeat

Now it’s time to leave the surface to dry. Please note the ‘Ready to Use’ date, when users will be able to start writing on/wiping off the new Smart Surface.

Drying Time

Affix the ‘wet paint’ sign alongside your painted surface
Smart Wall Paint will be touch dry after 5 hours and will be ready to use as a whiteboard surface after 7 days
The performance of Smart Wall Paint will continue to improve over the first 30 days
For the first 14 days of use we recommend cleaning your surface daily
For best results, use Smarter Surfaces accessories or any high quality whiteboard accessories available from our store.

That’s it. Once you complete these steps you’ll have a full functioning whiteboard surface.

Check out our application video.

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