Advantages and Disadvantages of Glassboards

Advantages and disadvantages of glassboards

Contemplating installing glassboards into your office? There are a lot of things to consider.

Before adding anything it is important to make sure that this product is the right one for you.

How do you do this you may ask? We suggest checking out the advantages and disadvantages of having glassboards in your office so that you can be sure it will be the best fit for your space.

So we put together this post to help you work out if glassboards are really for you (and if they aren’t, what alternatives are there for you to consider?).

Advantage 1: Glassboards and Appearance

One of the main advantages to adding glassboards to your office space is their appearance. Glassboards look sleek and lack the thick, bulky frame of traditional office whiteboards.

This frameless design definitely provides glassboards with a more modern feel than other writable alternatives.

Not only that but you can have your choice of finish; high gloss or matte. This means your glassboard can have the look that best suits your office.

Advantage 2: Glassboards and Upkeep

Another advantage of installing glassboards is that they have a relatively easy upkeep.

First off, glassboards are very easy to clean. They have a very non-porous surface, unlike traditional whiteboards, which means that they do not ghost easily. Ghosting is where the marks written on the board do not fully wipe away.

However, it is worth noting that even though glassboards are not prone to ghosting it is advisable not to leave markers on for long periods of time as this may cause marks to stain.

Advantages and disadvantages of glassboards

Disadvantage 1: Glassboards and Cost

Glassboards are expensive. It is as simple as that.

While they may last longer than traditional whiteboards, they are still a very costly purchase. Not only that, but you will need to arrange for an installer to come in and install the boards in your office.

If you were to try and install glassboards yourself, you could do so incorrectly. This is because they need to be mounted to the wall which can be difficult for someone unfamiliar with the process.

Disadvantage 2: Glassboards and Colour

Another downside to glassboards is that they are limited in how they can look.

Glassboards are traditionally transparent, however it is possible to get coloured glass boards or have a regular glass board painted. Back painting a glass dry erase board is popular, however if not done by a professional this can look bad.

This means that if you wanted variety in your glassboards it can be difficult to achieve.

The see through nature can also reduce the quality of writing during use.

You may also find it difficult to take pictures of anything you have worked on during that day due to the reflective nature of the glass.

So, now you’ve read some of the advantages and disadvantages of glassboards, maybe you are interested in hearing about some other alternatives you could try.

Why not install a digital print along with some of our functional products such as Smart Magnetic Paint and Smart Whiteboard Paint?

That’s what CDE did. They told us it was for three reasons.

The magnetic functionality performed better on our products than on glass.
Using glass restricts users to just the colour of the glass
Smarter Surfaces products had a finish that provided them a more modern look.

CDE advantages and disadvantages of glassboards

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