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Dry Erase Solutions

The Communicator collection has been developed around our original and best-selling dry erase paint, Smart Wall Paint. Our range of dry and wet erase solutions allows you to create a writing surface of any size or color. This range will change the way you communicate in offices and classrooms. Learn More.

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Magnetic Solutions

The Connector Collection offers magnetic solutions to suit any surface or installation preference. Choose from magnetic paint or pre-mixed plaster to create a magnetic surface of any size. Learn More.

Projector Solutions

Convert your walls into projector screen surfaces with our Clarity Collection. Choose from projector screen paint (non dry erase) or projector wallpaper (dry erase). Learn More.

2-in-1 Solutions

This is the ideal solution for those who want it all. The Collaborator Collection gives you a surface that is both magnetic and dry erase, magnetic and wet erase or projection and dry erase.

Choose from our functional paints to create your desired surface. Learn More.


Primers are essential to use before applying Whiteboard Paint. Our Primers are specially formulated to work with Smarter Surfaces range of products.

For best results, always apply 2 coats of Smart Primer.


Smarter Surfaces range of accessories have been tested to work to the highest standards with our dry erase, projector and magnetic products.