Go Paperless In Your Classroom With Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint


Nowadays it is more important than ever to have an environmentally friendly classroom. One of the easiest and best ways you can do this is by reducing the amount of paper you are using. 

But, when traditional teaching has often involved each student having notebooks, how do you do it? What modern ways of teaching can help?

One of the ways we suggest is by adding dry erase whiteboard paint to the surfaces in your classroom. It can completely change the way you teach and learn in classrooms. 

Keep reading below and see some of the ways that adding writable surfaces can help your school go paperless.

Reduce Paper Usage With Dry Erase Whiteboard Paint 

With dry erase whiteboard paint you won’t need to write in notebooks, the students in your classrooms can write on walls instead. With a dry erase whiteboard paint, like Smart Whiteboard Paint,  students will be able to work out problems in groups, writing on the unlimited space that the walls provide.

Add Whiteboard Paint in either clear or white to your classroom desks to transform them into writable areas for students to use.

This means that the only time students will be using notebooks will be to jot down the correct answers to everything they’ve learned that day. All the corrections will be able to be erased from the dry erase desk.

That can be a reality with dry erase whiteboard paint. 

Younger students can carry out equations or spelling exercises on their desk and then once everyone has come to the correct answer, write it down neatly into their notebook. Older students can make the most of their surface by plotting out assignments and keeping track of project deadlines.

This will greatly reduce the amount of paper you use, as students will be doing the majority of their work on their desks and only using notebooks when necessary.

Create Unlimited Space For Problem Solving

Do you find whiteboards limited in space? One of the main benefits of adding dry erase whiteboard paint to your surfaces is that they can be as large as your entire wall.

This means no matter how tall or small your students are, they’ll have room to write upon.

Also, instead of sending one student at a time up to the board, have groups of students working at once. Students won’t need to be singled out for answers anymore. Anyone can get involved.

Not only will they have unlimited space to write but it could also help with teamwork skills as well.


Writable Desks Aren’t Just For Students

Think writable desks are just for students? Then think again.

Teachers can use dry erase whiteboard paint too. Transform your desk into a whiteboard and use it to create lesson plans.

You can keep track of the various topics you need to cover and cross them out as you go. Then once the day is over, simply wipe your desk clean and start again the next day.  

Use Environmentally Friendly Products

No matter how you choose to incorporate writable surfaces into your classroom, check out our dry erase whiteboard paint, Smart Whiteboard Paint and see if it is the product for you. This one coat dry erase whiteboard paint will transform any smooth surface into a dry erase area.

It’s low VOC and low odor which means you won’t be releasing any harmful chemicals or smells into your classroom during application.  This makes it a very environmentally friendly product.

Smart Whiteboard Paint is also LEED certified. This means that by using this product you can actually improve the overall LEED score of your building. Making it overall more environmentally friendly.

By transforming your classroom surfaces into writable desks, walls and more you can really reduce the amount of paper you use. It’s also a great way to get students more engaged in lessons and promotes group work. 

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