Why Not Make The Most Of Your Walls?

Paint in between Door Frames, WALLS

We love how this local government authority customer has embraced our product range to transform unused walls and free space in between windows and door frames.

Read on to see how a move into new offices prompted Ards and North Down Borough Council to choose our functional wallpapers and paints to transform their office space. They had already used our products in their previous office and did not want to give them up!

Five walls were converted into writable surfaces using our award-winning whiteboard paint, Smart Wall Paint. This one-coat product really makes the most of an entire workspace. In this case, the office is oval shaped so the customer choose to transform all the areas in between windows, around radiators and in between doors to become writable.

Whiteboard Walls with Radiators ? No Problem!

Want to transform a wall into a writable, magnetic and / or projector screen wall  but there is a radiator in the way ? No problem. Our functional paints and wallcoverings can be applied or cut to size. They even go around corners. See how well this wall looks even though the radiator is on the wall.

Our products allows you to work with the space you have. So you don’t have to spend extra time or labour moving things around.

Paint Around Radiators

Whiteboard in between Windows 

Got a small (or large) space in between windows ? Is it doing anything to help your business. Convert it into a writable surface with Smart Wall Paint or Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering. Make it magnetic as well as writable by creating a magnetic base underneath the whiteboard topping with Smart Magnetic Paint or Smart Magnetic Wallcovering.

Paint in Between Windows

Whiteboard in between Doorframes

Don’t let the space between two door frames go unused. Convert them into writable and / or magnetic surfaces.

Paint in between Door Frames

Whiteboard Corners ?

You guessed it! Turn any corner into a writable surface.

Paint in Corners

Brand your Whiteboard Walls

To achieve the same look as Ards and North Down Borough Council, create a border around your whiteboard area to match your corporate branding. This is not necessary obviously if you have transformed your entire wall. Simply use a border tape to create the border with a straight line. Paint it with your corporate colour.

For whiteboard paint, choose Smart Wall Paint white (or choose Smart Wall Paint clear to topcoat regular paint colours, digital prints or wallcoverings). For a rapid install, choose Smart Dry Erase Wallcovering. For a magnetic base underneath your whiteboard surface, choose Smart Magnetic Paint or Smart Magnetic Wallcovering.

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