What Makes Smart Wall Paint Stand Out Over Cheaper Brands

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Smart Wall Paint, our whiteboard paint, is a one coat system which transforms any smooth surface into a large, dry erase area.

We often get asked why customers should choose Smart Wall Paint over other, cheaper brands. This post will provide you with just a few of the reasons of why Smart Wall Paint is the right whiteboard paint for you.

It’s Non-Ghosting

Smart Wall Paint is a commercial grade whiteboard paint which is used in businesses and schools around the world. One of the best parts is it’s non-ghosting.

Ghosting is when the surface of a whiteboard or whiteboard wall won’t fully erase, leaving behind stains and stray marks which can make your whiteboard look dirty or make it hard to read.

You won’t ever have to worry about this with Smart Wall Paint. This product even comes with a 10 year guarantee to prove it.

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It’s Environmentally Friendly

Smart Wall Paint is a low odour and low VOC product which means it is safe to apply with people still in the room.

This means you won’t even need to worry about the product application interrupting your working day.

Not only that, but Smart Wall Paint is also accompanied by all global industry standard (and independently verified) certifications for fire and air safety (as well as performance)You can read more about them here.

Commercial Grade Products

Unlike many DIY and consumer products readily available through online marketplaces or DIY chain stores, you can only buy Smarter Surfaces from us or from our select list of approved partners. Why ? Our products are designed for commercial applications, typically in offices and classrooms. They are typically chosen and purchased by Facilities Manager, Commercial Interior Designers, Project Managers, and are often specified by Commercial Architects.


We are an R&D Company

Our core expertise lies in research and development of functional surface products. We have spent many years inventing, innovating, manufacturing and improving our whiteboard paint, Smart Wall Paint.

This is a tried and trusted and multi award-winning product.

So, as you can see there are a number of benefits you receive when choosing Smart Wall Paint. If you are interested in creating your own innovative surface, then click here.

Still not convinced ? We encourage you to read the reviews of cheaper alternatives and make the comparison for yourself.

Watch our step-by-step application video to see just how easy it is to add Smart Wall Paint to your surface.
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