What Can You Do With A Magnetic Whiteboard Surface?

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Are you interested in adding functional surfaces to your office?

You should be.

Functional surfaces can improve the way you work. With Smarter Surfaces products, you can create a surface which is magnetic, dry erase or projection. The choice is yours.

The best part? You don’t just have to choose just one functionality.

Make your surface dry erase AND magnetic, or dry erase and projector.

Now you’re thinking ‘what can I do with a magnetic whiteboard surface that will make my working day easier?’ That’s where we come in.

Check out these great reasons below. Once you read them, you’ll want to have a functional surface installed today.



Launching a new product? Need to work through the ideas being proposed by your team?

A flipchart or whiteboard just won’t do. They are simply not big enough. Why limit your ideas ?

Use a magnetic whiteboard surface instead. You can write up everyone’s suggestions on the wall and explore each idea. You won’t need to worry about running out of space.

That’s not all though.

With magnetic functionality, take brainstorming to the next level. Stick up diagrams and charts and see the whole big picture, right  there on your wall.

Why not use your wall space? Make yours a tool for brainstorming instead.

Project Planning Walls

Does your day involve a lot of project planning? There are so many steps involved, wouldn’t it be beneficial to have a space to keep track of everything?

Magnetic whiteboard surfaces are the solution. Still unsure?

Check out CDE’s new project planning wall. Not only is it magnetic and dry erase, but they also installed a great project planning digital print on the same wall. So you have a wall that has a project management framework, and is dry erase and magnetic.  Surely a recipe for on track monitoring and on time delivery ?

The wall looks great and is functional too.

CDE 2 (2)

Social Media Calendars

Is social media an important aspect of your job? Wouldn’t it be easier to have a large surface to plan out each post that you need to upload for every week or month.

Not only is it much more eye catching than a spreadsheet, but it also enables everyone in your office to stay up to date with what is going up on each social channel.

It may even encourage them to provide their own suggestions.

Write up ideas and stick up images to use.

Need to make a change? No problem. Simply wipe it away and replace it with your new idea. It’s as easy as that.


What Can’t You Do With A Magnetic Whiteboard Surface?

As you can there are so many ways to utilise a magnetic whiteboard surface. Every department in your office can benefit from it.

Forget about flip charts and don’t worry about whiteboards. With your new surface your office will work better, communicate more and look great.

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