Update Your Workspace With A Magnetic Whiteboard Wall

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Nowadays, there are a number of ways that companies try and improve the way they work and increase employee engagement.

Standing meetings are becoming more popular than ever, you can swap out individual desks for communal workspaces.

But why not go for something simpler that will actually change the way you work? We’re talking about adding a magnetic whiteboard wall to your workspace.

Check out the rest of this post to see just some of the benefits of installing your magnetic whiteboard wall today.

There Are So Many Products To Choose From

Think you just have to stick with specific products to create a magnetic whiteboard wall? Think again. There are so many combinations to choose from.

You can choose Magnetic Whiteboard Paint. Simply apply magnetic paint, then either a white primer or a colour of your choice, depending on whether you opt for white or colour versions. Then apply Whiteboard Paint on top.

Or you can layer a Whiteboard Wallcovering on top of Magnetic Plaster.

Not only will this provide you a stronger magnetic pull, you’ll also have a whiteboard surface that doesn’t ghost.

Lastly, how about Magnetic Wallpaper? This comes pre-primed so you can easily top coat it with Whiteboard Paint.

There are so many product combinations to choose from. Simply work out what your priorities are. Consider budget, application preference, and installation time available to identify the  magnetic whiteboard products that suit you.

Get Everyone Out Of Their Seats

Are you tired of traditional meeting styles? When everyone is seated writing in their notebooks, or typing on keyboards and phones while one person is speaking, things can get a little stale and sedentary..

It doesn’t have to be this way. With a magnetic whiteboard wall, get everyone up on their feet, working together on the wall.

Use  dry erase functionality to write up notes or explore ideas on your space. You will no longer be restricted by the size of whiteboards, as whole groups of people can now work on your magnetic whiteboard wall at once.

Use the magnetic functionality to add a visual element to your meetings. You can stick up product drawings next to notes or website screenshots to help you better explain your point.

Both functionalities will help everyone see the big picture.

There Are Countless Ways To Use A Magnetic Whiteboard Wall

It isn’t just useful for meetings. You can have a magnetic whiteboard wall anywhere in your office.

Why not dedicate one to company updates?

Everyone can add any product news, company info or staff events that are taking place to the wall. Not only will it look great, it will also encourage communication in the workplace.

No longer will you have to worry about endless email threads, all with their own piece of information. With a magnetic whiteboard wall, you can see everything at a glance.

There are so many ways to use a magnetic whiteboard wall, we couldn’t possibly discuss them all in one post.

It’s easy, adaptable to any situation and can really improve the way you work.

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