Update your Classroom for 2019

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Are you looking to update your classroom in 2019?

Why not try functional surfaces?

Not only do they look great, but they can also help with the way your students learn.

Find out some of the reasons functional surfaces can be beneficial to you below.

Interactive Lessons

Looking to increase classroom engagement?  

We say ditch the whiteboards and try writable surfaces instead.

Whiteboards can be dirty and limited in size. Who wants to deal with that?

This isn’t a problem with whiteboard paint.

Smart Wall Paint, our whiteboard paint, can be applied to your whole wall.

This means you won’t need to worry about students not being able to reach the whiteboard. There is room for everyone to write.

Your whiteboard walls don’t need to be white either.

You can add dry erase functionality in any colour by using our clear whiteboard paint on top of any painted surface or wallpaper.

Who wouldn’t want to write on a large brightly coloured whiteboard wall?
Students can get creative by using the walls for design, planning, drawing and lots more.

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Writable Desks In Your Classroom

Looking to get everyone to contribute to lessons? Why not try writable desks?

Simply apply whiteboard paint to the desks in your classroom and watch everyone get involved.

How does this help with teaching you may ask?

Students will no longer need to be singled out by the teacher and anxiously make their way towards the front of the class.

Now there is a much easier way to get students engaged.

Writable desks are adaptable to any subject. Draw out maths equations, learn languages or even complete complex diagrams. The choice is yours.

The best part is your students will have fun doing it.

That is not all though.

Teachers can use their own surface to create lesson plans or keep track of notes without wasting any paper.

2019 is a new year, so why not take the opportunity to update your classroom surfaces.

Interested in writable wallpapers instead? Then read our post on wallpapers that you really can write on here.


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