Turn Your Locker into A Whiteboard Surface

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Are you looking to improve the organisation within your office?

Does everything in your office work as hard as you ?  We love making the most of any surface. Most of our customers convert their walls with our functional paints and wallcoverings. Did you know you can also make the doors of your lockers dry erase ? Well you can with our award-winning whiteboard paint.

Why not try adding whiteboard functionality to your lockers

There are a ton of uses for whiteboard lockers in any office. Check out just a few of them below.

A Locker For Office Organisation

Looking to better organise your office?

Whiteboard lockers could be the answer.

Offices often have a number of different departments all with their own files. Lockers can often be the most convenient form of storage. However, at times files can get misplaced.

One way to avoid this is to clearly mark which locker belongs to which department. Is it Finance or Sales? Does the locker contain Christmas decorations or brochures ? Is it Joe’s locker or Kim’s locker ?

With whiteboard lockers, you can clearly mark what items belong in what areas so that everyone in your office is clear who it belongs to.

Whiteboard Paints, like Smart Wall Paint, can be the solution.

Personal Items

Does everyone in the office have their own locker? Sometimes it can be confusing trying to remember which locker belongs to who. Especially if they are all the same colour.

With a whiteboard locker this no longer needs to be the case.

Simply get everyone to write their name on their locker in a variety of coloured markers. This way everyone can identify their own locker instantly and never worry about misplacing their things.

Is someone swapping lockers? That’s easy.

Simply rub out the name on locker and replace it with the new locker owner Is a new person joining your team ? no problem. Make them feel at home instantly with their own personalised locker.

That’s the best part of a whiteboard locker. Once you are done with it, simply wipe off the writing and it looks just like a regular locker again.

Don’t want to have to repaint your locker white? Don’t worry. Smart Wall Paint, our whiteboard paint, comes in both white and clear options which means you can have a dry erase locker in whatever colour you wish.

It’s handy, functional and looks great in any off space.

Begin transforming your lockers today.

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