Transform Your Doors Into Large Whiteboards

Transform doors into writable surfaces large whiteboards

Are you interested in adding large whiteboards into your office? Then why not opt for whiteboard surfaces instead. They are easy to use, have no size restrictions and can be any color you want. You don’t just have to stick to walls either, transform any smooth surface into large whiteboards with Smart Whiteboard Paint. Desks, cabinets, walls and even doors.

This post will focus on how you can transform doors into large whiteboards. Find how to use them by reading below.

Door Whiteboard – Use Large Whiteboards To Create Meeting Agendas

Looking for a new and interesting way to keep track of you meeting agendas? Try large whiteboards like writable doors.

By writing up your whole agenda on your meeting room door you’ll be able to move smoothly through topics and everyone will be able to see the complete agenda at a glance. When the meeting is over and the agenda has been completed simply wipe everything away.

You can even use your writable door whiteboard throughout your meeting too. Write up follow up actions under each agenda and assign to individual members of your team. All without a single piece of paper.

Using writable doors instead of traditional large whiteboards means you won’t have to worry about running out of space and means you can all work from the same area.

Door Whiteboard – Use Large Whiteboards To Create Meeting Agendas

Forget Noticeboards – Doors can be turned into notice-doors

Why would you want to use an old noticeboard when you can transform your doors into large whiteboards.

Office doors are often neglected or seem to be an unusable workspace. Why not make yours a notice-door and maximize your space. Not only does it look good but it also means you are taking advantage of all the space in your office.

Set goals, keep up to date calendars or simply leave messages. It’s your notice-door so you can make it any way you like.

Use Your Door Your Way: Write, Erase, Repeat

There are dozens of ways to use writable doors. So much so we could never include them all in one post, instead we’ve listed the most common ways we’ve seen below.

  • Cover your door in different languages to interest your international customers
  • Write messages on your meeting room door such as ‘conference call do not enter’ and ‘welcome customer name’
  • List the meetings that will be happening that day so everyone will know when the meeting room is booked
  • Brainstorm or write important actions you have decided on during the meeting.

Adding whiteboard functionality to your doors is easier than you think. Choose Whiteboard Paint in Clear or Smart Self-Adhesive Whiteboard Films (available in clear, white and low sheen) and you can even keep the color of your original door.

We have collaborative opportunities for whiteboard manufacturers. Do you have any questions about our products? Book a free video consultation today. Talk to our experts, and we will guide you to upgrade your wall.